New Fashion Inspired Illustration: Jewel

Fashion Inspired Illustration Portrait: Jewel

Fashion Inspired Illustration Portrait by Georgie St Clair | GStC Art & Illustration

Hello again. Here’s the final illustration in my new set of 3 – the others being my Frivolous Butterfly and Just Charlotte. I’m currently working on updating my Etsy shop and building my portfolio for big plans ahead… so the blog posts will be a bit more sporadic these days.

She’s probably the simplest of the 3. I think her gaze and stare speak for themselves.


It’s Friday, I’m in Love with Paper Fashion

Katie Rodgers aka Paper Fashion | Fashion Illustrator | GStC Design & Illustration

Paper Fashion aka Katie Rodgers has to be one of the most wonderful current fashion illustrators around at the moment. Her delicate, ethereal images of beautiful, glamourous figures, haute couture fashion, ballerinas and her wonderful ‘shadow’ dancers; they make my heart leap with joy!

Her mastery of the human figure in her fashion illustrations, so simple, yet so precise , is second to none. Her use of watercolour, often mixed with glitter and sequins, is just so wonderful. Katie Rodgers is a true artist.

Delpozo_Sunflower_Print - Paper Fashion | Katie Rodgers | GStC Design & Illustration Emerald_Poster - Paper Fashion | Katie Rodgers | GStC Design & Illustration TulleGownPoster - Paper Fashion | Katie Rodgers | GStC Design & Illustration DreamingInGownsPrint - Paper Fashion | Katie Rodgers | GStC Design & Illustration

Genlux_Print by Katie Rodgers aka Paper Fashion | GStC Design & Illustration

Do follow her Instagram feed for her whimsical illustrations and experiments in mixed media – it’s amazing. Katie uses the most mundane of objects, even tea, to create her shadow dancer illustrations. It’s also a wonderful place to take a sneak peak into her world.

The Paper Fashion website is also a fantastic example of how an artist website should be (I’m taking notes as we speak!). Her Paper Fashion website gives us a peak into her work in progress, techniques, experiments and artistic life.

She has been one of my inspirations for a long time now and it’s lovely to finally share her fashion illustrations with you. One day, one of her fashion illustrations WILL adorn my wall!

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Instagram Artist Sketchbook & Creative Playground

Instagram As Artist Sketchbook - Collage made using the A Beautiful Mess app - by GStC

Latest Instagrams and much improved!

In May I attended the lovely Emily Quinton’s Makelight Workshop in London. A day of learning about our cameras, how to style those perfect images you see on Instagram and just getting stuck into being creative and inspired. I’ve always been an admirer of Emily’s gorgeous flowery feed on Instagram so you could say, she has been my inspiration into taking a better photo.  (more…)

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