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Hello and welcome. My name is Georgie and I’m artist, designer illustrator, all round creative type (that’s me above, looking very arty).  I have 3 kids and a hubby and we live in a quite ordinary semi in Brighton, UK

When I’m not being chief cook, maid, taxi driver and referee to my 3 kids I work part-time in digital marketing (*yawns). If there is a spare moment in the day, I love to draw or dig out my camera.

I love elegant design, fashion illustration, white space and florals. Lots of florals. SO much so I make designs and illustrations from them. I also sell some of my creations, floral and botanical prints, on Etsy & Not On the High Street.

My aim is simple: Live simply, gracefully and creatively, everyday. I firmly believe that being creative is the root to leading a more fulfilled life.
Oh yes my other aim: to survive being a mum to a 4 year old and 2 teenage boys.

Want to know more about my journey to becoming a Designer and Illustrator?

A shy little Georgie grew up on a diet of watching Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly movies, listening to old school Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong. The glamorous and elegant aesthetic of these old movies, the emotion and romance in the music, has inspired me ever since. I’m also lover of natural beauty and can get ridiculously enthusiastic about the texture of wood, the colour of a petal, the tone of the sky.

There’s a lot of other stuff in-between which I’ll occasionally delve into on this blog… I’ll let you know, via my newsletter, if I do.

For now here’s some other useless facts about me:

  • I love flamingos. I can’t get enough of their pink feathery loveliness.
  • I’m a coffee snob. If it’s not fresh, I’m not drinking it.
  • I look terrible without makeup. You’ll rarely find me without my mascara and eyeliner on. If you do, I’ll hide in a corner.
  • I’m a terrible poof reader so please excuse any typees you find on this wobsite.
  • I was born in London. I now live in Brighton, which I absolutely adore but…
  • One day I’d love to experience living and working in Paris doing something wonderfully glamorous, whilst wafting about in a floaty dress, pretending to be Audrey Hepburn.

Gosh, you’re still here? Great! 

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Thanks for stopping.

Georgie ♥