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Creative work space with a view | Porthmeor Studios, St Ives Cornwall | Georgie St Clair

Porthmeor Studios, St Ives Cornwall

My studio…ahem coughs…the 6ft x 6ft space next to the kitchen is both a joy (at least I have a space) and a frustration (the washing usually ends up in there as it has nowhere else to go). I long for a light, bright extremely large creative work space. With ceiling to floor windows, looking out onto a beautiful green field, the sea or a lake….one can dream *sighs*.

I dream regularly – so much so I have created a Pinterest board devoted entirely to my dream creative space. I firmly believe that if you dream enough, it may come true…

Creative work space with a view

Porthmeor Studios, St Ives Cornwall

Colourful Space

Colour Coded Creative Space

Pastel Space

Colourful Creative Space Little Big Bell | Georgie St Clair

Colourful Space Little Big Bell

Shared Space

Shared Creative Space | CoWorking Space

Shared Creative Space | Emily Green in the studio with her team of three staff

Photo – Eve Wilson

Shared Creative Space Le Petit Studio

Le Petit Studio Photography – Melissa Oholendt

 Wall Space

Creative Wall Space Cork Moodboard


Creative Wall Space Moodboard


Creative Wall Space white Wire Mesh Moodboard


Rustic Space

Rustic Space Claire Basler Artist Studio

Claire Basler Artist Studio

Rustic Creative Space Photographer Catherine Gratwicke

Source: Catherine Gratwicke

You never know, perhaps one of these dream creative work spaces may just become a reality.

And Finally…

If you have more inspiration for my Creative Space Pinterest board, do let me know 🙂

Have an inspired day
Georgie x

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  1. Chisomo

    These workspaces are amazing, I currently share my front room for my workspace but dream of a bright airy studio to design, create and dream in. Preferably somewhere hot 🙂

    1. Post

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