Deep Purple & Dusky Pink Colour Story

Deep Purple and Dusky Pink Cameo Silhouette Illsutration by Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration

A New Colour Inspiration Moodboard and Illustration in Deep Purple and Dusky Pink.

Last week I posted about my colour obsession inspired by flamingos. I enjoyed it so much I’ve created another this week. And oh how I love it this weeks palette! Deep purple and dusky pink.

I’m currently working on a dream illustration commission for a very special client. This week I have been researching the colour palette I’ll be using for the illustration. I love this part of my process and creating colour inspiration moodboards.

I always start with an image that reflects the tone, mood and of course colour palette that I’m working towards. This image is from The Couture Gallery

Deep Purple and dusky pink mmodboard inspiration. Image from The Couture Gallery for an Illustration | Georgie St Clair

I’ve collected a variety of images and created this colour inspiration moodboard. Sumptuous, glamourous and just yummy!

Colour Inspiration Moodboard in Deep Purples and Dusky Pinks. Inspiration for a new Illustration | Georgie St Clair Design & Illustration

I’ll reveal all on the commission in the coming weeks.

I’m a true colour lover so let me know what amazing colour combinations you enjoy, to inspire my next colour inspiration moodboard.

Image Source: 1. Luella Loves 2. Design Seeds 3. The Lane 4. Rachel Valley 5. The Colours Of My Mind


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