Spring in Bloom Colour Inspiration Moodboard | Georgie St Clair

Colour Inspiration: Putting the Spring in My Step

Spring in Bloom Colour Inspiration Moodboard | Georgie St ClairPutting the Spring in My Step:
a colour inspiration mood-board about enjoying the simple pleasures in our surroundings. This week these gorgeous spring blooms mark the beginning of my blog journey after deciding to make GeorgieStClair.com my home in the blogosphere, permanently.

Taking a daily walk has been a therapy to me, ever since having Daisy, my 3rd child. At 15 months she’s still strikingly hard work. Walking around my local streets in Brighton, whilst she happily dozes in the push chair, has kept me sane, on many a frazzled day.

Occasionally I’ve taken photos on this little jaunt and today was particularly beautiful. It’s spring, my favourite season. Along with the good weather and the burst of colour, the season always lifts my mood. Everything is starting to ‘spring’ to life and the beautiful blooms are a joy. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, primroses and the blossom forming on the trees.

I live in a fairly built up area and the photos I took today, on my iPhone, just around the streets where I live. Sometimes life can get complicated, stressful and mundane. However if I take the time to stop and enjoy the little pleasures, I’m always surprised at what I can find.


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