copper and blush pink moodboard and colour story | GStC Art & Illustration

Copper and Blush Pink Colour Story

copper and blush pink moodboard and colour story | GStC Art & Illustration

Copper and Blush Pink Moodboard to Inspire New Illustrations

Hello again. I haven’t posted a colour story for a while now, not since my visit to the beautiful Hampton Court and my moodboard inspired by the RHS Flower Show.

As the cooler Autumn nights draw in, I’m working on some new fashion portrait illustrations. With the cooler chill in the air, I want a more autumnal colour palette. There’s a resurgence of copper around at the moment, especially in interior design. It looks so beautiful with my favourite blush pink colour, I couldn’t resist creating a copper and blush pink colour story moodboard.

Thinking of Christmas??!!

As the kids return to school I’m already thinking of Christmas! Not presents but stock. I’ve signed up to the Fairy Tale Craft Fair at the Brighton Race Course on 6th December. Just this one so far, to test the waters, so to speak. I have exciting plans for next year and want to test some new products and designs. Christmas craft fairs are always wonderful anyway so I’m very excited to be part of this one.

I now have 3 mornings per week to devote to my creative work. Never enough but I appreciate every minute of it. Being able to focus whilst Daisy is in nursery and Doodle & Sketch (aka Zac & Jake) are in school, is wonderful.

I often read (probably far too much) about other Mums who run their own creative businesses/blogs/shops. I feel both inspired and overwhelmed – those feelings of self doubt often creep in “I can’t do that”, “They are so clever, I’ll never be good enough”, “I don’t have enough experience” , “I’m too old!” etc etc. Annoying thoughts. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve packed up my materials and decided to get a ‘proper’ job.

Putting my doubts to one side, my materials are back out. I’m drawing, cutting, sticking, photographing, writing, experimenting with a vengeance again. Having the craft fair on the horizon is a great motivator!

Enjoy your week x

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