Finding Flamingos Colour Story

Flamingo Pink & Muted Colour Tones Moodboard for Inspiration | Georgie St Clair

Colour Inspiration Moodboard: Finding Flamingoes

I’m a colour lover. I see it, no I REALLY see it. In fact I feel colour. I see my emotions in colour. I wear colour to reflect and communicate. I dress my home in colours to inspire me, relax or rejuvenate.

I find I’m attracted to certain colours depending on my emotional needs and those of the season. At the moment, I’m craving muted tones and Flamingos. I’m seeing Flamingoes everywhere. It’s a good bet that if you try and sell me something with a flamingo on it I will want to buy it!

Finding Flamingos Colour Story.

Today I’ve created a moodboard and from there, a quick piece of artwork that acts as a colour story (as seen in the image at the top of this post). It reflects to me, the look and feel of my forthcoming artwork (currently work in progress that I’ll be sharing soon). The tones, the dominant colours, the light textures or patterns that I’ll include.

The following shows some of the images that inspired me to create this colour palette and moodboard.

Instagram by @dianakeenan

Instagram by @dianakeenan

carl kleiner muted tones golden mean layout

Carl Kleiner Golden Mean Layout

Instagram @dianakeenan

Found via @dianakeenan on Instagram

In order to create a colour moodboard my process is pretty simple really. I browse magazines or the internet. Today it’s been the latter. I usually pin my finds on Pinterest. Using these images I’ll create a moodboard in Photoshop. Using the colour picker tool in Photoshop, I’ll create colour chips alongside the images I have saved.

Voila. One moodboard ready to be inspired. Here’s an image inspired by my Flamingo colour story, because as I said, I just can’t get enough of Flamingos…

Colour Study For A Colour Palette of Muted Tones & Flamingo Pink


Check out my Flamingo Treasury for some pink, feathery Flamingo inspiration too 🙂Etsy Flamingo Treasury by Georgie St Clair

Colour Moodboard Image Credits: 1. DianaKeenan 2. Ninas Vintage 3. Amanda Fiske
Others: Carl Kleiner


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