Moodboard for January 2015. Inspiration for new artwork by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

Moodboard: Soft Contrasts

Moodboard for January 2015. Inspiration for new artwork by Georgie St Clair  |Painting Grace

I’ve had a lovely start to this week. Jessica over at ‘The Cabinet Maker’s Love Tale’ wrote a lovely post about some of my artwork. Thanks Jess!

This has given me a good excuse to blog about a new photo challenge. Over on Instagram Jess aka @JessicaTrent and @SeasideLucy have started a lovely Monday challenge #mymondaymoodboard and account @mymondaymoodboard. Their intention is simple: to create a photo challenge that inspires and encourages others to create. Jess has written a blog post about it here. Please do check it out and play along.

Also this week, I’ve started a new set of Illustrations. They will hopefully be displayed at an exciting Brighton event…more details to be released soon. Today therefore, I am sharing a moodboard, created for my new artwork.

I’m massively inspired by strong contrasts alongside soft hues of pinks, greys and greens. Maybe it’s the winter light at the moment? The gorgeous frosty mornings. The bubbling clouds of grey as a storm moves in. Evergreen foliage alongside bare branches reaching up to the dark skies at night.

My mind is free to make decisions because the chaos has been unravelled

Perhaps it’s just my current need for simplicity. I’ve taken on a part-time job, alongside my family and creative work commitments. Life has become extremely busy and I long for simplicity. My house has never been so uncluttered! My desk is adorned with organisers, lists, different notebooks for various tasks: blogging, artwork, kids etc. Being organised keeps life simple. My mind is free to make decisions because the chaos has been unravelled and placed neatly into a to-do list and family organiser.

I’ve so much more to say but I’m writing this post at night and my eyes are beginning to droop and I long for my bed and a good book. Another new ritual I’ve brought into my daily routine, to help ground myself at the end of the day. I’m currently reading ‘The Hours’ by Michael Cunningham having just completed ‘Still Writing’ by Dani Shapiro. I must share another book review and Shapiro’s has been a real game changer for me as a creative.  Again, more to come on that soon.

For now, I must sign off and wish you a productive and happy day, or night, whatever you are doing.

Georgie x

Image Sources, Clockwise, Starting from Top Left: Sofia Diliana Nikiforov, Photo by Line Kay/VintagePiken, Stripes – Georgie St Clair, Photo by Line Kay/VintagePiken, De Steban – Delicatessen

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  1. Hey Georgie!

    Oh I LOVE your moodboard. The colours are beautiful – I always think greys and soft pinks work so well together. And I just saw the other day that @seasidelucy had started this lovely little challenge! What a great way to start every week. I really relate to your comment about unravelling the chaos by making a to-do list. It always feels better when it’s written down somewhere instead of a million things floating around in your head!

    Really enjoyed this post and look forward to hearing more about your new illustrations!

    Have a beautiful, inspired day,

    Em xxx

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  4. A bit late commenting but I’ve just been catching up on some bloglovin and had to stop by 🙂 Such an inspired mood board, I agree with Emma, soft pinks and greys are a winning combination! Your blog posts are always inspirational and make me feel really motivated, so I’m going to spend a couple of hours this weekend organising myself with notebooks for different activities like you suggested. Hopefully it will bring some order to my rather buzzy and chaotic mind as of late!
    One last thing – can I ask what you use to create your moodboards, is there a particular collage-type tool?

    Kate x

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      Thanks for your lovely comment Kate. I’m so glad you feel inspired by my posts – that makes it all worthwhile 🙂
      I make my moodboards in Photoshop. I’m thinking about writing a tutorial because they are actually very simple to do. Watch this space x

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