Pantone Autumn Colour Palette 2014 & Hex Values


I’ve created this handy little colour graphic as a quick reference guide to the Pantone Autumn Colour Palette 2014 and their respective Hex Values (the HEX values are my interpretation and aren’t exact matches to the Pantone References.)


See the following link for more information on the Pantone Autumn/Fall Colour Palette 2014.

  • Radiant Orchid HEX #ad64a8
  • Royal Blue HEX #494f9d
  • Aluminium HEX #aba49b
  • Aurora Red HEX #b53a40
  • Misted Yellow HEX #dcbe6f
  • Sangria HEX #a2355f
  • Mauve Mist HEX #c7a7be
  • Cognac HEX #946a62
  • Bright Cobalt HEX #3f6b9f
  • Cypress HEX #5b6649

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