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A Week in Images: 18th – 24th October

Fashion a Flower - AutumnAs you know I’m a huge Instagram fan. I use the platform as a way of taking half an hour to be creative (mostly) everyday. It’s been a fantastic way of experimenting and discovering new techniques that I can use in my illustrations. I’ve also connected with some wonderful creative people as a result of the platform too.

Here’s a few of those creations from the past week. There’s a definite autumnal feel to my images and colour palette right now. There’s been a bounty of autumninal leaves around, some collected on a lovely walk in Stanmer Park last weekend with friends. A perfect way to record a lovely day.

Fashion a Flower - AutumnElegance Audrey Hepburn Print | Georgie St Clair

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  • Painted Roses
  • Painted Roses 2
  • Painted Roses 3


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  2. I love your work. Having seen my pictures, would you be so kind as to let me know your recommendations for my walls. Please bear in mind Sassy is a favourite, but I leave it in your very capable hands. Thank you.

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