Amazing 3D Papercutting Workshop with My Paperforest & Cricut

Amazing 3D Papercutting Workshop with My Papercut Forest (and Cricut)

3D Papercutting Workshop with Cricut Explore and My Papercut Forest | Finished paper sculpture scene under the domeAt the end of June, I had the pleasure of taking part in My PaperCut Forest’s 3D paper cutting workshop. Under the guidance of expert paper artist Silvina De Vita, we cut, glued and chatted our way through 9 hours of papercutting, held over two Saturday’s.

My interest in 3D papercutting is to enable me to create more complex designs for my stop-motion animations – something that I love as much as paper cutting now.

3D Papercutting Workshop Close Up of Shelves | With Cricut and My Papercut Forest

3D PaperCutting Workshop

Our task was to create a scene, in this case, a set of shelves, personal to us, that could be housed in a dome (my choice) or a box frame. The examples on Silvina’s website are gorgeous with lots of botanical elements, so I knew this course was going to be right up my street. I’ve also been chatting to fellow Brightonian, Silvina on social media for a while now, so I was excited to get stuck in.

I based my shelves on my studio space. I’ve recently given up my office space in favour of working from my garden studio once more. Even the wonky shelves on my 3D papercut sculpture are a really good representation of (what I like to call) a very shabby chic studio space.

I’m a rather impatient person and wanted to have my 3D papercut sculpture finished by the end of the two Saturday workshop so I turned to my Cricut Explore. I absolutely love this bit of craft kit and it saves me so much time when I’m creating images and props for my stop-motion animations and styled flatlays for Instagram.

The Cricut handled cutting the mini flowers and leaves really well.

A little Cricut tip when you’re cutting mini, complex shapes: set the material and cutting pressure at the lightest setting you can get away with in order to achieve a clean cut.

Mini 3D Papercut Flowers in a Vase | Cricut Explore


  • I used a mixture of 120gsm, 180 and 200gsm
  • I’d also been to the V&A to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition, so I picked up some beautiful craft papers there. I used them for the trellis, the butterflies and the watering can.
  • I made the paintbrushes using a toothpick and real feathers. The pencils (a genius idea, found by a fellow classmate) were created simply cutting toothpicks in half and colouring them in with a felt tip pen.
  • We used PVA glue to stick it all together. Except for the shelves which are glued to the base using a hot glue gun for extra strength.

3D Papercut Watering Can made with V&A craft papers | With Cricut Explore and My Papercut Forest

Miniture 3D Papercut Sculpture of an Artists Palette | Cricut Explore

Just some of my favourite things

The finished 3D papercut sculpture, inspired by my studio, includes some of my favourite things from my creative space: my palette and brushes, my camera (thanks Silvina for helping me with this one!), some of my favourite art and of course, flowers, lots and lots of flowers and greenery.

Miniture 3D Papercut Sculpture Picture Frame & Illustration | Cricut Explore

I loved Silvina’s 3D papercutting workshop and highly recommend it to anyone wants to learn a new skill or just treat themselves to a day away to enjoy some creative time with likeminded people. Learn more about Silvina and My Papercut Forest’s 3D Papercutting Workshop. If you go, say Hi from me!

Amazing 3D Papercutting Workshop with My PaperForest and Cricut Explore

If, like me, you’re inclined to using a bit of craft kit to help you along the way, I’d also highly recommend the Cricut Explore. I’ll be sharing some more Cricut projects, because I’m very happy to say I’m the Cricut Crafter of the Month for July 🙂  I’ll be showing you how I use this magic machine for my art and illustration.

Feel free to leave any Cricut questions in the comments. And if you want to learn more about stop-motion animation, read my post ‘Get Started with Stop Motion Animation Video Animation (Kit & Top Tips).

Have an inspired day

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