Eclectic Others, Creative Mothers, Look At All the Women Blogging Carnival Post by Georgie St Clair

Creative Others, Creative Mothers

Eclectic Others, Creative Mothers, Look At All the Women Blogging Carnival Post by Georgie St Clair
Welcome to the ‘Look At All The Women’ Carnival: Week 3 – ‘The Eclectic Others’

This post was written especially for inclusion in the three-week-long ‘Look At All The Women’ carnival, hosted by Mother’s Milk Books, to celebrate the launch of Cathy Bryant’s new book ‘Look At All The Women’. In this final week of the carnival our participants share their thoughts on the theme ‘The Eclectic Others’ (the third, and final, chapter in Cathy’s new poetry collection).

Please read to the end of the post for a full list of carnival participants.


This post marks the final instalment of the the blogging Carnival ‘Look at all the Women’. We have written about The Lovers, The Mothers and today we are writing about the Eclectic Others. I want to mark this by paying homage to some of my creative female heroines. Mainly, women who have creative careers, whilst also being mothers.

Creative mothers whom I look to for inspiration are Barbara Hepworth, Louise Bourgeois, Anita Roddick and but more importantly, you. Yes you there. The lady at the back who quietly toils away in her studio, or crafting at her dining table, or writing into into the small hours of the night. Who rises at dawn to complete a project before making packed lunches for her children.

The lady who probably doesn’t always earn much money from her craft, but is dedicated to it because it makes her happy and she’s good at it. Or the lady who has turned her hobby or passion into a successful business that allows her to support het family.

Creative Mumpreneurs

I’m not sure how much people take us, let’s call ourselves ‘Creative Mumpreneurs’, seriously. Sometimes I feel slightly patronised at my attempt to create my own ‘little business’. Yet I take it incredibly seriously. Whilst I’m at home for my children, a decision I made in favour of a ‘proper’ job, I spend a lot of time, a huge amount of mental and physical effort, dedicated to creating a business and income for myself. And my family. It’s slow but I’m passionate about it and determined I will achieve my ambitions.

I’m also available to cook, clean, tidy, wash, nag, play, taxi, cuddle and share the ups and downs of watching my children grow up. I sometimes feel inadequate, as if I’m neglecting some area of my life, but maybe that can be used for good. That voice inside my head, nags me to get up that bit earlier so I can work before the children get up. Or to take my daughters nap times to write a blog post, so I can be available for homework duty when the boys get home.

I’m a creative entrepreneur, Mother, artist. On a good day, I’m proud of what I’m achieving. On a bad day I feel undervalued. However I keep myself going is by turning to my heroines and the many other creative mothers, like that lady I spoke about at the beginning of this post, who have also decided to take this journey.

Creative mothers you are my heroines. Please take my virtual glass of Prosecco, and let’s toast ourselves, at having one of the hardest, frustrating and most rewarding jobs in the world – as both mothers and creatives. Cheers!

On a final note I’d like to shout out to some creative mothers who keep me inspired:
Teika at Mothers Milk Books – for organising this Carnival and believing in me and my artwork.
Pippa at Story of a Mum – always thinking of new and creative ways to connect Mothers and keep us sane!
All my fellow Brighton Mamas…

There are many more of you, so shout out in the comments section, with your links and we can feel awesome together!


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  1. Wonderful post Georgie! I really needed this at the end of a long day which had patches of rough in it. Your art inspires me a great deal; and just to know that there are others out there, like me, who are in love with pencils, colours and creativity keeps me going. Thank you so much for your words of praise and encouragement. They mean a lot 🙂

  2. this has me smiling from ear to ear … and I take your glass of fizz and offer you a margarita on a terrace overlooking a long white beach and blue blue sea … just reading your post has given this sleepily writing mother of one the energy to keep on for at least another hour while the afore mentioned one sleeps … cheers!

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