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5 Ways I Use Video to Share Fashion Illustration Work in Progress [Tools & Tips]

Sassy Du Fleur Goes to the Chelsea Flower Show in her Peaony Dress | Floral Fashion IllustrationI can’t stress enough the importance of showing your work in progress if you are a designer, maker or small business owner.

I’ve recently become obsessed with creating time-lapse videos and stop motion animation to show the magic behind my floral fashion illustration and my muse Sassy Du Fleur. I share these video animations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They always receive a high number of comments and engagement.

Sassy Goes to the Chelsea Flower Show (Stop Motion Video) from Georgie St Clair on Vimeo.

Recently I was approached by Not On the High Street to create a stop motion animation video, showing my process for creating a Sassy Du Fleur Floral Fashion Illustration, to celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show 2017. They shared it across their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as their e-newsletter. Amazing! This exposure resulted in direct sales in my NOTHS shop. All because I had started sharing my work in progress on Instagram. So it’s well worth your time if you are a small business to create video content.

This exposure resulted in direct sales in my NOTHS shop. All because I had started sharing my work in progress on Instagram. So it’s well worth your time if you are a small business to create video content.

With today’s technology, it’s super easy to make and share too. For my stop motion animation and time-lapse I use a variety of tools:

  • Timelapse Video – I use the time-lapse facility on my iPhone camera.I’ve written a blog about how you can create a simple flatlay time-lapse animation with your phone here.
    The quality is fine for sharing on Instagram and Facebook. I then edit in iMovie (I’m learning Adobe Premiere and plan to move onto that at some point). 
  • Stop Motion Video – I have purchased this VILTROX JY-710-C1 2.4GHZ Time Lapse Intervalometer for my Canon 60D DSLR to create higher quality stop motion animations. Along with a tripod, you can create simple and effective stop motion animations in no time at all. I use Lightroom to batch process the images and I’ll stitch it all together in iMovie. An example of my stop-motion video can be seen in the ‘Sassy Goes to the Chelsea Flower Show’ at the beginning of this post.
  • Photoshop Video Animations – I LOVE the simple animations I can create in Photoshop! It’s so easy. You can create .mp4 video using the layers in your Photoshop files.
  • Photoshop GIFs – I create simple GIFs in my how to posts, such as the one I recently wrote to illustrate the importance of the rule of thirds to create eye-catching imagery. Note: GIFs can be shared on Twitter but not so easily on Facebook. You will have to create .mp4’s for Facebook and Instagram. Rule of thirds composition: Pink Stationary
  • Cinemagraphs – again I use the Photoshop timeline to create these. There’s an excellent PHLEARN Cinemagraph tutorial that I used to teach myself the process. Cinemagraphs are really popular right now and quite rightly so. They are a beautiful mix of photography and video content that are mesmerising.

I will be creating some video content tutorials very soon. Let me know in the comments below if there is anything, in particular, you would like me to cover. If I don’t know the answer, I love video content so much, I’ll be very happy to work it out!

And Finally…

Georgie St Clair Not on the High Street Shop

Add some style and glamour to your walls! Sassy Du Fleur Floral Fashion Illustrations are now available to buy, framed or unframed in my NOTHS shop.

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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  1. I love your overview of different video content types Georgie! I’d always put video in one category but you’ve opened up my mind about all the different ways you can use it! Feeling very inspired and can’t wait to read your upcoming tutorials, I’d love to learn more about all of them!! 🙂

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  2. Dear Georgie,
    I love your illustrations! I have read about your hashtag #fashionaflower in the Etsy newsletter and would like to share. Where do I get your illustrations for downloading? Looking forward to your answer and – keep up the so beautiful work!

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