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Word of the Week: Re-Vision

revision using pacifico fontWord of the Week: ‘Re-vision’ & my Illustration Career

It’s been beautiful the last couple of days in Brighton. We’ve managed to get out into the garden, Daisy has enjoyed ALOT of water play and generally the mood is good.

walking in the sun

Zac is preparing for his school exams – I’m trying to teach him the concept of ‘revision’. Not as easy as it sounds. He says to me, “I’ve learnt that Mum, why do I need to do it again?” Oh Zac!

He had to practice for his Food Tech exam this week. On the day of the exam he burnt the scones he was making. Apparently it was my ‘fault’ as I did’t teach him the end bit of the process when we were practising at home…

On practice day, everything was going swimmingly and he’d put the scones in the oven. Being a pushover doting Mum, I offered to look after the scones and take them out of the oven for him, so he could run an errand for me. So when he came to his final test, he’d missed a crucial part in his training apparently – timing and taking the scones out of the oven. Oh Zac!

Cooking Scones

He’s awesome. He’s the most enthusiatic 12 year old boy you’ll ever meet. I’ll forgive him anything.

As a bit of a swot at school, revision came very naturally to me. It’s something that has carried through to my everyday life too. I’m constantly re-evaluating, revising my visions and plans for the future. What I want to achieve, where I want to go. So inspired by the ‘Living the Life You Want’ Design Sponge podcast (‘After the Jump’), I created a vision board.

Creating A Vision Board

Basically you take a bunch of magazines, and just cut out images that appeal to you. Don’t put too much thought into it. Then collage them together and stick.

making a vision board

I found it a really good way of clearing my busy mind. It’s also a really good insight into yourself – I know, I know this all sounds a bit lovey dovey. But it’s worth if you struggle to quiet the noise in your head, like I do.

The results of my vision board? It seems I need to learn french, go to Paris, get a dog and tend to my garden. (Let’s see how this particular vision manifests itself in the coming months then eh!). It did make me realise the value I place on being healthy and exercising. I haven’t had time lately and I’m really feeling (and seeing in the mirror!) the consequences. I haven’t had much ‘me’ time at all in fact and I really need to address this because I tun the risk of getting into a creative block.

Blogging, Creativity & Time Management

As a result of all this thinking time and vision boards, I’ve been re-evaluating this blog and my illustration career and how it all fits together. I’m really struggling with time. Time to make, time to blog, time to be social on and offline. Time with the kids, to cook, to decorate, to clean, or do the garden. Time to myself, to relax, to exercise. This is the narrative that goes through my head daily. Hourly in fact.

Maybe I set my personal bar too high. I need more time to to make, draw, to tend to my family and maybe a little less time in front of this computer. I keep reminding myself, this level of intense responsibility in my life is temporary. That, as the kids get older, so I’ll be able to achieve more and more. It’s a cliche but, as long as I’m focused on my illustration career aspirations, every minute of everyday I’m a step closer to realising these personal dreams.

I have some incredible projects lined up. An opportunity has come my way that has really solidified my career aspirations and where I want to be in 5 years time. I’ll be sharing more as these projects come to fruition. It does mean that I’m having to revise my blogging timetable to focus more on my illustration career. But it’s all very exciting and I’ll still be sharing the process here. I’d be crazy without my blog to vent my thoughts!

How do you manage your time around your commitments and creative career? Do you think being a parent and creative business owner you’re making too many compromises? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below. Or tweet me @georgiestclair

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