Special Moments in my Life June 2014 by Georgie St Clair

Celebrating Simple Moments: Inspired by Project Life

Special Moments in my Life June 2014 by Georgie St ClairCelebrating the simple and special moments inspired by the Life Project

As I write this, I just can’t believe it’s July. Life seems to be whizzing by at a rate of knots and I’m struggling to keep up. Now we’re over half way through the year, I’m revisiting old plans and lists of things to do. Goals to achieve. My stomach turns as I realise my deadlines are looming.

We had our first at home BBQ with some great friends yesterday and somehow our wedding book emerged! It was so nice to flick through the pages again. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy doing this. I see how our lives are progressing and the kids are changing at such an astounding rate, I need to document it all now. Before I blink and miss it whilst being caught up on life’s treadmill.

I want to document the weeks as they go pass as I’m forgetting quite a lot! Therefore, in an attempt to become more organised, this post marks the first in a series of what I hope will be become regular updates (and much less wordy in future).

As I try to build my creative career whilst juggling the needs of my family, I think I’m missing something.

To stop and look….

Special Moments in my Life June 2014 by Georgie St Clair

I need to appreciate those simple moments with my children and the funny things they do. Those simple moments are often the most special too. I also think we all, especially parents, need to stop once in a while and appreciate the tasks we have completed rather than berating ourselves for the tasks that we still ‘have’ to do.

So here I’ll be sharing a quick collage of the week/fortnight/months events (depending on how well I do with keeping up with this!) in 10 photos. Inspired by Becky Higgins ‘Project Life’, I’m also going to print them out and keep them in a folder. I’m fed up with all my memories being digital. As a very tactile person, I need to feel them too.

If you follow me on Instagram you may see some familiar images. Others are the everyday, photos that I’ve snapped. They may not be the best in photography terms, but they are the very special moments, I’m lucky enough to have.

Some regular readers may notice that I’d previously written similar ‘Word of the week’ posts. However I want to amalgamate these with my other ‘Special Moments’ posts. All part of attempting to be organised and simplify.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this more personal post. I’ve really enjoyed making and sharing it.


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