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The Art of Paper Flowers

From mini flowers to watercolour blooms, my fascination with creating paper flowers is most certainly growing. The art of paper flowers is by no way something new. You’ll find myriad books, videos and blog post tutorials on how to make them. But importantly for me, I find the process of creating paper flowers very therapeutic and rewarding. Who wouldn’t, the end product is so pretty!

There’s also a practical reason. As much as I love real blooms, my paper flower beauties last a lot longer!  Meaning I can experiment with colour and composition on my portrait illustrations, animations and other artwork.

Crafting as Therapy

I’ve had some difficult news to process over the last few weeks and months (more about that another day) so I’ve found creating paper flowers very therapeutic. There’s something about working with delicate papers or card, petals and intricate stamens.

This has been a project purely for pleasure. To be mindful and in the moment.

Personal Paper Flower Projects

The paper flowers I’ve created are based loosely around real flower shapes and types. However, I’ve added my own touches and variations. I can’t recreate the perfection of nature. Instead, I’m inspired by it.

For this portrait illustration I used:

  • Cricut textured card
  • Cricut Washi sheets – I used Anna’s Pretty Prints
  • Watercolour paper. For the watercolour paper flowers and leaves, I hand coloured with watercolour paint.
Close up of Watercolour Paper Flowers | The Art of Paper Flowers | Georgie St Clair

Flowers made with Cricut Washi sheet

Close up of Watercolour Paper Flowers | The Art of Paper Flowers | Georgie St Clair

Close up of watercolour paper flowers

Echinacea Inspired Flowers

In the language of flowers, echinacea or coneflowers represent strength and health. Something I’ve been in some need of recently. Creating these blooms has been a mindful joy.

Echinacea Inspired Paper Flowers | The Art of Flowers | Georgie St Clair | Paintbrush Series

These flowers and leaves are created from:

I painted the echinacea paper flowers with watercolours made from real flowers too, for added colour and texture.

Painting Echinacea Paper Flowers | The Art of Paper Flowers

I wanted to test the versatility of these paper flowers so created a few art pieces for Instagram including a dancing stop-motion animation.

The echinacea (coneflower) inspired flowers also made lovely embellishments for one of my favourites portrait illustrations, ‘Lois’

Lois with Echinacea Paper Flowers | The Art of Paper Flowers | Georgie St Clair | Portrait Illustration

Lois with Echinacea Paper Flowers | The Art of Paper Flowers | Georgie St Clair | Portrait Illustration

All the flowers were cut using the Cricut Explore. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s definitely one of my favourite tools in my crafting kit. The Cricut Explore saves me time and enables me to create intricate designs, so I can concentrate on drawing and creating new compositions. There’s a wireless version of the Cricut, the Cricut Explore Air 2, so you can send your files wirelessly to the machine from your computer or tablet. There’s a pink version which I’ve got my eye on!!

Useful Paper Flower Resources

On my journey of learning to create paper flowers I’ve found these useful resources:

The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers | Livia Cetti

And Finally

If you’re interested in the language of flowers or ‘floriography’, find out your birth flower and what it means.

You can see more of my faux floral inspiration over on Pinterest on my ‘Flowers Made’ board.

And thank you Cricut for making me your #crafterofthemonth – it’s been a pleasure to share my floral artwork with you.

Have an inspired day

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The Art of Paper Flowers with Cricut Explore | Pinterest Image

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