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Three Flower Crown Illustrations to Inspire

Hello, it’s been a while. I hope you’re well.

I’ve been very busy. The part-time job has become a lot more like a full-time role. It’s OK, I’m learning loads but it hasn’t left a lot of time for the creative work. To be honest I’d given up there for a while. For the whole of January I was getting more and more frustrated by the time I couldn’t devote to my creative work. It just wasn’t worth it anymore.

However, as usual, life has a funny way of getting you back on track. A couple of opportunities came my way, that were too good to pass up. Hey presto I’m back to creating again.

Georgia Floral Fashion Illustration | Georgie St Clair | Brighton


In order to get my blogging mojo back as well, today I’m sharing some of my latest floral fashion illustrations. These ladies were born of my need to take time-out for myself. I LOVE drawing and could spend hours doing it. I LOVE drawing faces for some reason too! Faces are fascinating. An expression can say a thousand words. I will never fulfill the list of faces I want to draw in my lifetime, but it’s fun trying.

Sonia Floral Collage Illustration with Flower Crown | Georgie St Clair | Brighton


So in the evening, when Daisy, my now 3 year old daughter is bed and the boys are happy and settled with their homework, comic or minecraft, I sit and draw.

Then, usually at the weekend, when the light is good (which has been rare in January and February) I’ll walk to my local florist and gather some flowers to adorn my ladies. I’ll then take any moment I can to arrange, style, shoot and finalise in Photoshop the finished artwork.

Every floral fashion illustration you see is created in snippets of time.  I don’t waste a second of time that could be used creatively! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed creating these floral ladies.

Kate Floral Fashion Inspired Illustration with Flower Crown | Georgie St Clair | Brighton


I have of course added these beautiful ladies with their floral crowns to my Etsy shop. More of my work can also be seen in my illustration Portfolio.

Do leave a comment, I’d love to hear what you think

Have an inspired day
Georgie x

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