Top 3 Thoughts For Negative Thinkers

Word of the Week: Dedication. Top 3 Positive Thoughts For Negative Thinkers

Top 3 Thoughts For Negative ThinkersDedication, dedication that’s all you need.

Remember Roy Castle? Great smile, musician, actor, presenter. Remember Record Breakers and the song he and Cheryl Baker made famous, Dedication:
‘Dedication, Dedication, that’s all you need. If you wanna be a record breaker…whooo!’ (lovely warm feeling as I relive my youth!)
Well that’s how I feel.

I have to say the last couple of weeks have been amazing! I can’t begin to express how I feel. Nothing and everything has happened. Georgie, you’e not making sense! OK so I’ll TRY and explain.

For many years I’ve been a negative thinker. I’ve fallen victim to pessimist thoughts and depression. Pre-natal, post-natal, blimey, just everyday depression. Long before children, I’ve had ‘issues’ (gosh I hate that word) with ‘low-mood’ as the physicians like to call it. It has had held me back for many years in fact. I tried to change but, well, it’s almost impossible, if that’s the way your brain is wired to think.

Latterly I’ve recognized, that my negative way of thinking was something I either accepted or allowed to drown me. Instead I’ve chosen to accept it as part of me.

However (and this is the important bit) I don’t dwell on it. I have chosen, instead, to accept and get on with it. I can’t pin point the exact moment or catalyst for this change of thinking. I’ve just been making more effort to accept my automatic thought patterns and fight back!

Those negative thoughts shattered my self belief and confidence and made me feel worthless. Yet in the last few weeks, some anonymous voice inside has persuaded me to fight these negative thoughts.  Even though my automatic thoughts may be negative, that anonymous voice has made me dedicate myself to a little more to positive thinking, no matter how small. What’s wonderful, is I’ve seen results straight away.

Here’s My Top 3 Positive Thoughts For Negative Thinkers.

Dedication No.1 – Be Positive (no matter how negative you feel)
I have decided to be positive. To see the positive. To act positive. To feel positive. And something in the last few weeks has shifted. I’ve made a conscious decision to make that shift and I believe, the results are clear. Positive thinking has brought me positive results.

OK so I’ve won a couple of competitions! It feels good but that’s not all. I’ve received phone calls and emails for opportunities I once, only dreamed of. I really am begining to believe the saying that ‘you get out, what you put in‘.

Dedication No.2 – Even an Introvert Can Connect with People
I’m actually a very shy person. Yet, I’ve embraced every meeting, every outing, every phone call, tweet or email, as a connection to something more meaningful. As an opportunity. I don’t mean a selfish ‘what can you do for me’ opportunity. I mean, an opportunity to meet like-minded souls who share a passion, interest, or idea. As a result, I’ve never met so many nice people, as I have done recently!

These people have always been there, but I’ve never appreciated more those chance meetings at the supermarket checkout, the mums I’ve got chatting to in the playground, the sharing friendly folk I’ve chatted to on social media etc, as I have now.

Dedication No.3 – Even If It Seems Bleak, Find the Positive (no matter how small).
This has become a bit of a mantra. Hell, shit happens. Daily life can be a pain in the arse. Having kids, a mortgage, bills to pay, grumpy bosses, high cost of living – it gets you down.

I’ve made the dedication to see the opportunity, the positive in every moment, no matter how crap that moment seems at the time.

Again, as a self confessed negative thinker this is actually a very comforting point of view. Instead of thinking ‘whoa is me, it’s all my fault that things are going badly’, I merely change perspective. I’m thinking ‘oh well, that didn’t work out. I know it’s for a reason because something better/more meaningful, is around the corner.’ Simple…

Yes, this is incredibly simplistic, maybe touchy feely post. Perhaps it seems completely insane and ridiculous to fellow negative thinkers out there. I know. I am one. I’m not going to preach. It’s taken me YEARS to get to this point.

All I know is that it feels good. If you tell yourself, ‘oh well, that didn’t work or out’, or ‘that situation was horrible and I won’t do that again’, it lightens your negative load. See those happenings as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, move on and find the next, more positive opportunity.

I’ll be 37 on Tuesday. Perhaps it’s my age, the fact that I’ve had a child recently, moved into a new house, put on weight, do yoga, prefer pink to blue – hell I don’t know – I hope you see where I am going with this? I’ve made a dedication to see the opportunity in everything. Some things work out. Others don’t. Let’s concentrate on the things that do.

With this dedication, comes belief. I truly believe, more than I have ever in my life, (seemingly melodramatic but true!) that only good things await. That I will fulfill my dreams and desires. That I can have what I want – perhaps with some compromise, but a happy one, nonetheless.

Rest assured I know I’m going to fulfill my dreams, as a mum, wife, friend, daughter, artist, blogger, crazy women! That’s my dedication. And that’s all I need.

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I wrote this post inspired by the linky ‘Word Of The Week’ #wotw. It’s one of my favourite recent linky discoveries courtesy of The Reading Room



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  1. I totally agree with you. I am someone who naturally thinks positively, but that’s not to say I’m permanently upbeat and chipper! So, deciding to have a good day, finding something to be happy about, do really make a difference. It’s nicer, and good things do seem to come. I admire your dedication. Thanks very much for sharing and joining in with #WotW

    1. Post
  2. Fab post and perfectly timed for me as I’ve had a bit of a duff week – and for no particular reason really other than letting my mood and tiredness get to me. Like you I have to watch out for those negative thoughts. I know life is so much easier when I make a conscious effort not to let them pull me down so thanks for reminding me again. #WotW

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