Integrate WordPress and Etsy

A Tutorial on How to Integrate WordPress & Etsy using the Etsy Plugin | Georgie St Clair
Integrate WordPress and Etsy: A Tutorial using the Etsy Plugin

So last night I went to another informative talk, organised by the lovely Brighton Etsy team. Speakers were photography king Lomokev (aka Kevin Meredith) and Etsy Queen Rockcake (aka Sarah Meredith). An awesome duo who really know their respective SEO stuff.

The question was raised about integrating wordpress and etsy. Well, of course my ears pricked up and I became ridiculously excited at the prospect and challenge of finding out how to integrate WordPress and Etsy.

Searching for a plugin, I stumbled across the Etsy Shop plugin by By Frédéric Sheedy and you can see the results below. It looks to be a fairly new plugin which isn’t currently supported with my version of WordPress so it may not work as it should. However so far so good.

Read on, to see how I’ve installed it.
NB this tutorial refers to self hosted and not the free version It is intended for users who already have some knowledge of how to install plugins.


How to Integrate WordPress and Etsy

Firstly download the WordPress Etsy Shop Plugin
Plugins>> Add New>> type Etsy shop and install the Etsy Shop plugin by Frédéric Sheedy and activate it.
Once activated in WordPress, on the Plugin’s settings page, you’ll be asked for an Etsy API Key. Say what??!! Here’s what you need to do (instructions below each image):

Integrate WordPress & the Etsy Plugin Steps 1 to 3 | Tutorial by Georgie St Clair
Step 1.

From the WordPress Etsy Plugin Page Click “Creating  A New Etsy App.

Step 2.
You’ll be taken to the Etsy App Page
Enter the information similar to the image above, except with your own credentials.

Step 3.
Click ‘Read Terms and Create App’. Agree to the terms and you’ll be presented with your newly registered app. Copy the text next to ‘Keystring’ as shown in the image above.

Integrate WordPress & the Etsy Plugin Step 4 | Tutorial by Georgie St Clair

Step 4.

Return to the WordPress Etsy Plugin page and paste the Keystring into the ‘Etsy API Key’ field.

Integrate WordPress & the Etsy Plugin Step 5 & 6 | Tutorial by Georgie St Clair

Step 5.

Go to your Shop Dashboard and then go to ‘Sections’.
Decide which section you want to display on your post page. Click that section. In my case I want to display my A3 Collage Illustrations. So the section ID is 15050828.

Step 6
You’ll be taken to your chosen section. Look at the URL. You need your shop name and the section id number – eg 15050828.
On your wordpress post or page, enter the shortcode below:
“[ etsy-include=your-etsy-shop-name;your-etsy-shop-setion-id ]”

Where it says ‘Your Etsy Shop Name’ – enter your shop name!
Where it says ‘Your Etsy Shop Seection ID – enter the number you copied from the section URL eg 15050828.

That’s it! Seems to be displaying nicely. I’ll cover the Etsy Mini Plugin in another post. Good luck and let me know how you get on with your integration of WordPress & the Etsy Plugin.

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