Design Inspiration: Craft Meets Fashion, Dolce & Gabbana Autumn 2014.



Craft Meets Fashion | Craft Trends for 2014 | Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Ready To Wear Shows A Touch of Craft
Now I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a fashion afficionado. I do, browse the images in Vogue and occasion and admire the latest styles, pinned by cool fashionsta bloggers on Pinterest. After all my grandfather was a master tailor and if I could come back again, I’d enter the fashion world as a master milliner. I suppose you could consider me a dedicated admirer of fashion, without the ‘coolness’ I might add.

So I couldn’t help be markedly excited by the latest offerings from Dolce & Gabbana’s ready to wear collection for Autumn (or ‘Fall’ if you’re in the UK and you want proper fashion speak) 2014.

A fairytale of woodland animals adorned the beautiful clothes on the catwalk. Owls and foxes sat among the applique flowers and lace. I couldn’t help thinking there is a real feeling of ‘craft’ influencing this collection. As the title suggests, craft meets fashion, so to speak.

“Enchanted Sicily” was the title Dolce & Gabbana gave their collection. A fairytale land, where little red riding hoods made sexy, alongside embroidery and gilding, gothic appliqué,  studded balaclavas and gauntlets.

Looking at this collection, Craft trends for Autumn 2014, will certainly include motifs, designs and fashion inspired by woodland creatures, owls, foxes, swans, squirrels, appliqued, embroidered and illustrated alongside imagery of flora, fauna and mushrooms (so I hear, on the latest trend grapevine). I’ve also posted about the Pantone Colours for Autumn 2014 here.

Makers & Designers, craft if officially cool!

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