Paper & Swarovski Crytsal Collage Illustration | Georgie St Clair

Bring Back Paper inc Handbags Made From Books!

Link Love For Books & Vintage Book Clutch | Georgie St Clair

This week my Link Loves are written with #bringbackpaper in mind. This is a great series of posts and links instigated by Jocelyn at The Reading Room.
My link loves this week are paper and book inspired. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE apps, gadgets and many things geek inspired, but I love the tactile feeling of pen, pencil, paper, stationary, books. So let’s feel some pulp-y love & Bring Back Paper! 

1. Check out Bookish England. If there’s ever a website I was going to fall in love with, as a paper and stationary lover, this is it. Literary gifts and book gifts. They offer everything from literary inspired artwork and prints to fashion items to wedding decor items.


Floral and paper styling from Rifle & Co

2. My second is actually a beautiful bit of styling and is perhaps one of my favourite pins on Pinterest from the gorgeous stationary company Rifle & Co. I love the styling of real and paper elements. I’m so inspired to try something similar.

3. Now this final link is super cool – books and handbags combined, oh my! Vintage Book Clutch, well is, just that – clutch/handbags made from books. It’s my birthday next week if anyone is looking for gift inspiration? 😉

My love of paper knows no bounds. Cut it, stamp it, draw on it, read it, write on it. I’m definitely a committed #paperypeep.

Paper & Swarovski Crytsal Collage Illustration | Georgie St Clair

FYI: The image you see in the post header image (and above) is a quick collage illustration made with paper and swarovski crystals that I made for a Cricut Explore event last week in London.

Much of my artwork uses recycled paper/books/wrapping paper/magazines etc. See some more of my portfolio and collage illustrations. As always I love feedback.


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  1. Wow, just wow! I got stuck looking at your links for a fair old time, as you’ve shared so many gorgeous things! And that collage illustration is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and joining in with a #PaperyPeep x

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