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Nature Inspired Design Part 2

Using Nature As Design Inspiration Moodboard | GStC Design & Illustration

Nature Inspired Design

Well since last week’s ‘Using Nature in Design Part 1’, I’ve discovered a whole new world of nature inspired design. It seems nature not only inspires us aesthetically. It’s helping to solve human challenges along the way too.

WARNING: This gets a bit Science-y – bear with me…

Think velcro invented by Swiss engineer and amateur mountaineer George de Mestral. After a climbing trip, he noticed burrs that clung to his clothes and decided to study them under a microscope. He discovering that they were covered in tiny hooks, which allowed them to grab onto clothes and the fur on his dog. Voila, we have the beginnings of what we now know as Velcro.

This type of innovation is known as: ‘Biomimicry’. The discipline of biomimicry takes its name from the greek words ‘bios’, meaning life and ‘mimesis’, meaning to imitate.

Biomimicry involves the study of nature’s design, mimicking these designs to solve human challenges. Janine Benyus, one of biomimicry’s pioneers defines it as, ‘innovation inspired by nature.’

Check out Design Boom’s article on Biomimicry for a really informative breakdown of it’s meaning, history and application.

Anyway back to the present and this post. This interest in all things natural has really made me evaluate further how I spend my time and my relationship with technology.

Going Au Natural

I spent last weekend in a West Sussex field, with friends, eating, dancing, drinking, playing, sleeping in a tent, resting and mainly lots of laughing. Now people who know me wouldn’t put ‘Georgie’ and ‘camping’ in the same sentence. However, I do like to prove my naysayers wrong. Can I just say I bloody enjoyed myself. My phone was off, there was no technology, just woods to roam and a campfire to chat around. Seriously I needed this step back to realise how much I needed to restore my energies. Not just the weekend break from the house, work and kids, but in nature, with basic amenities, simple food, lots of fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

Now I’m not trying to be all hokey here. It’s true. Nature is not only inspirational, beautiful, uncontrollable, unpredictable and downright incredible. It’s restorative too. Therefore I’ve made a pact with myself to switch off entirely for one day a week – Sunday probably. No tweeting, instagramming, blogging, surfing. Just me, the kids, the hubby, maybe a park, hopefully a Prosecco and fresh air. Time to just ‘be’.

For those wanting some lovely nature inspired aesthetics, this weeks design and colour moodboard is in bright pastels. Some of my favourite colours. Here’s some of the images and followed by their sources:


  1. Horse No. 0937 by Kari Hererkari herer horse. I LOVE her mix of illustration and floral photography. It’s stunning
  2. Hello-Petal-By-Rebecca-Newport-of-London-3Hello Petal Surface Design from stylist Rebecca Newport. Those cushions are on my wishlist.
  3. Spritz by YellenaSpritz by Yellena on Etsy. Her dynamic patterns are quite beautiful.
  4. Finished Fashion & Beauty | Honey Illustration | Georgie St ClairNew Flower Beauty Illustration by me, GStC. One of my more flowery portrait fashion inspired illustrations.
  5. 5. Gorgeous door knobs from Trica Ferro. I was lucky enough to be asked to sample some of these door knobs (I chose the ones pictured in the moodboard above) and they are fabulous. I have a wardrobe makeover project perfect for them. I’m just trying to find the time to complete it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this nature inspired design post. Follow me on Instagram for my nature inspired images and illustrations.

Until next time x


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