Top 5 Recycled Wrapping Paper Projects | Georgie St Clair

Top 5 Recycled Wrapping Paper Projects For the Home (some are a little more unusual)!

Top 5 Recycled Wrapping Paper Projects For Your Home | Georgie St Clair |

Since moving into my new house in December, I’ve found myself pulled from pillar to post. I had every intention of creating beautifully styled DIY posts of all the lovely things I was going to make for my house, from the myriad recycled/upcycled materials I’ve squirrelled away over the months. Hmm well I’ve achieved pretty much nothing. Instead I’ve chased and gained some wordpress freelance work (got to pay the bills!) and concentrated on creating some new illustrations.

One of my goals for this year was to attend more craft fairs, hence the illustration frenzy. So the last few weeks I’ve been busy creating for my first ‘proper’ craft fair – ever! Therefore my beautiful DIY posts, well they don’t exist yet. They will I promise.

In the meantime I’ve been searching for styling and packaging inspiration for my craft fair. It needs to be cost effective of course and utilise the materials I already have in my studio. Which brings me nicely to wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper – I NEVER throw it away. I just can’t, it’s too pretty. I even buy it just for the hell of it because there are so many gorgeous patterns out there. Of course I do recycle it for birthdays and anniversary’s. I don’t think I’ve ever wrapped a present in the same paper for the same person that I received it from? Well, not to my knowledge anyway.

Top 5 Recycled Wrapping Paper Projects.

So here’s a few of my ideas of recycled wrapping paper projects that I’m going to be trying in my home at some point soon!

1. Get some clear coasters and stick wrapping paper to the bottom. An idea inspired by Tillisimo on Etsy who uses paper napkins – genius.
2. OK so there’s nothing too original about this, but it’s thrifty and looks awesome. Instead of buying cardboard boxes in shops, cover shoe boxes in recycled wrapping paper. If you don’t have one piece large enough, simple decoupage instead. (image 2 found on Any box can be spruced up.
3. Make new wrapping paper by collaging to brown paper. Or make new images for cards (image 3 found on Design Sponge)
4. These last 2 are my favourites! Again, scan some imagery from your favourite wrapping paper, use some photo editing software to cut the imagery out and print in onto tattoo paper. (image 4 found on PepperInk, Etsy) This isn’t for the home, but I love it anyway.
5. Create your own art installation in your home and use your wrapping paper to create 3D birds, butterflies or flowers, on a feature wall or in a children’s bedroom. (This one I can’t wait to try asap) (images 5 & 6 found on Design Sponge

More of my recycled craft ideas can be found on Pinterest. What’s your recycled wrapping paper project ideas? I’d love to hear them – I may even have a go at creating them.


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  1. Fab ideas there! I recenlty used some map wrapping paper to make a new lampshade for my sons pirate themed bedroom. It turned out quite well. Thanks for joining in with this weeks #ThriftyThursday 🙂

  2. I am a total squirrel. Paper is a more recent collection. It’s amazing how useful it can be with school projects and making cards. You have some lovely ideas here. Coaster idea does appeal. #ThriftyThursday

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