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Using Nature in Design Part 1

If you’ve seen me on Instagram, you’ll see many of my posts include some form of flora or fauna. I’ve recently joined the army of gardeners out there, re-igniting a passion for the natural world. I’d missed the beauty around me for many years whilst staring at computer screens or mobile device of some sort.

Nature in Art, Craft and Desing | GStC Design & Illustration Collaged Moodboard

I studied for an MA in digital art, so many hours were spent looking at code, algorithms, arduino boards. For me persoanlly, it was overkill and left me feeling really quite burnt out. Latterly I can’t spend too much time in front of my computer without feeling agitated. That’s why I’ve returned to painting and drawing as a means of expression. My process does of course include the digital, but it’s not the ‘be all and end all’ anymore.

Naturally I’m drawn to natural patterns and colour palettes in design right now too. (My artworks may also feature a flower of two!)

This week, instead of a just colour palette, I’m collaging a moodboard of nature in design. Things I’ve found and have been inspired by in the last week or so, by artists and designers who are also enjoying natural forms and patterns. Let’s face it, nature – it’ll never go out of fashion or get boring. There’s always something new to be discovered, even in our back gardens. Now who could fail to be inspired by that.

The artists, designer and crafters that I’ve included in my design moodboard above, are using nature in their designs in meaningful and beautiful ways:

  1. Lou Rota for Anthropologie where entomology meets pottery.
  2. I discovered Puur Anders a few moths ago via Etsy. She creates beautiful flowers from photos printed onto fabric. You must check out the Puur Anders blog, it’s beautiful and a lovely insight into her inspirations. The image in the moodboard is a collaboration with Stylist Carline van Oel and photographer Christine Bauer.
  3. Epuu Design is an Istanbul-based shop of women accessories made with high-quality venice lace. I adore this ‘Lasata’ Burgundy Red Lace Necklace.
  4. Mara Hoffman is another great artist who is collaborating with Anthropologie. Her work embodies the indoor-outdoor spirit of the season
  5. Lulie Wallace, also for Anthropologie. Bold floral motifs – Beautiful.

There was so much to include I’ll be publishing part two next week.


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