Weekly Illustration Roundup, In A Nutshell #29

Illustration Life #29: All in a good cause

Franklin D. Roosevelt Quote, Try Something. Great advice for anyone pursuing a dream, new job, new business or creative adventure

Illustration Life is my weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the studio.

You’ll see, it ain’t all pretty pictures! This series is a summary of the ups and the downs. The good, the bad, the ugly of starting a creative business. Recording the wins and frustrations. It’s better to try and fail than to not try at all. But I promise I’ll keep try to keep these updates brief!

Seville Necklace, Ethical Jewellery, Little by Little, Styled with Flowers and Oranges, by Georgie St Clair


Boy it’s been a tough week this week. Zac and Jake have now finished for the summer holidays and Daisy is in the final few weeks of nursery before she starts school in September. Things are changing again and I’m feeling unsettled. This among other events has kicked off a migraine.

Couple this with a poor sales week and a quiet inbox. I’m telling myself this is the summer dip I’ve heard people talking about. However, it feels too early for my liking.

OK enough of the moan. In my quest to be positive, let’s look at the wins this week.

Wins this Week

Little By Little
Over on Instagram it was lovely to share jewellery work by Little by Little.

Co-founder Georgina and I had a coffee in Brighton recently and I just had to share their work.  They are working with charity Action Against Hunger, who work to save the lives of malnourished children around the world.

Brilliantly, Little by Little donates funding from sales of their beautiful ethical jewellery to pay for a day’s supply of therapeutic food to nurse an acutely malnourished child.

The image above is the ‘Seville’ necklace. Inspired by Seville oranges. I couldn’t find any seville oranges so tangerines would have to do! All in a good cause.

Botanical Alphabet

Botanical Alphabet Personalised Monogram Phone Case by Georgie St Clair

The botanical alphabet I’ve been working on is finally finished. I’m now designing a range of personalised monogram phone cases, notebooks, cushions etc. I’ll be sharing more on social media this week so stayed tuned 😉

There’s also the airheads series. Because I can be one sometimes

More on this but I’ve proved the concept works and made myself smile in the process. What do you think?
Airhead plant Illustration with Air Plants by Georgie St Clair

Illustration Giveaway
There’s a limited edition print of my portrait illustration ‘Sonia’ up for grabs. She featured on the front cover of the beautiful Estila magazine. Read more about the illustration giveaway and how to enter over here.

Sonia Flower Crown Illustration, Interior Shot, Competition Giveaway

Frustrations This Week

Creating designs for products means ordering samples of products. Paying out for samples is fine, until they go wrong/aren’t very good/the supplier is hopeless. I have a buffer budget for sampling but it’s dwindling fast. Supplier advice? Let me know.

As mentioned, migraines and lack of energy.

Every so often I get, what the doctors have termed, a chronic migraine. They last weeks. I feel permanently tired and everything is a real struggle. I crave quiet which in a house of 5 is pretty difficult.

In order to counteract the effects, I’ve started a morning yoga routine again, cut out dairy (including my beloved chocolate) and alcohol. Fingers crossed this will help.

Inbox Woes
Again, as mentioned, a quiet inbox. Grrr this one is difficult! I’m working on so many ideas at the moment but they aren’t ready to release yet. I’m creating a shop on this website, designing this months e-newsletter etc etc. However that September deadline I talked about in last week’s post #28 is looming. Perhaps I should extend it to Christmas?

And Finally

I’ll be sending out July’s newsletter very soon. This includes a free high-res print to download for subscribers. There’s still time to sign up here.


And if you’re a designer, maker or creative trying to make a living from your work, or achieve goals, feel free to share your journey with me. I’d love to hear about your wins AND your frustrations. And heed the advice of Franklin D Roosevelt

Above All, Try Something

Have an inspired day

Georgie x


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