Illustration Life #28: Goals & Deadlines

Brush and Flowers in Pastel Tones, Styling by Georgie St Clair

So this is going to be a new series of posts. Why does it start at #28? Simply, because this series starts at week #28 of 2017.

I have this internal monologue in my brain and I think I need to get it out of my head and onto paper, well screen in this case. So every Sunday I’m going to record a short (or long, we’ll see) record of the past week and what I’ve been up to. The good, the bad and the ugly. After all this is a web log and what’s a blog without a weekly log huh?

Goals and Deadlines

We’re halfway through the year and I’m heading towards my September deadline. What deadline I hear you ask?
The self-imposed deadline (since leaving my job last year to go freelance) that says if I’m not achieving my goals I’ll be dropping this creative career business and going back to work for someone else. Which admittedly fills me with terror. If it seems extreme, well it is because I work well with deadlines otherwise I fear I would simply coast along.

Wins This Week

Well first and foremost my wonderful 15 year old son Zac won the English award for his year (10). Big up to this hard working lad. He fills me with joy and I’m so proud of him.

I went on a bouncy castle with my daughter Daisy at her friends 5th birthday party. Why should the kids have all the fun?!

Personalised iphone cases in my English Garden design with peony flowers and roses

The phone cases are going really well in my shops having only recently soft launched the cases for Samsung and iPhones. I’m also working on some new botanical designs that have received some really good feedback when I previewed one design on my Instagram stories this week.

Botanical Alphabet Sneak Peak Letter B by Georgie St Clair

This paintbrush image has done well on Instagram this week too. I love these images. But I’m not sure what to do with them! It seems a shame they only live on Instagram. Prints perhaps? If you have any ideas, please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Speaking of Instagram, I’m definitely refocusing my attention, posting schedule and content. It’s changed so much over there and I feel it’s important to concentrate on other areas of digital marketing now. I’ll be writing more about this in the coming weeks.

Here’s a Sassy in the making I shared on Instagram this week. It’s for a very special project that I’m soooo! excited about but can’t tell you about yet – sorry!

Adding Swarovski Crystals to Sassy Dy Fleur Floral Fashion Illustration Adding the glue for the Swarovski Crystals to Sassy Dy Fleur Floral Fashion Illustration Swarovski Crystals for the Sassy Dy Fleur Floral Fashion Illustration Finished Close Up of Swarovski Crystals for the Sassy Dy Fleur Floral Fashion Illustration Floral Fashion with Real Flowers and Swarovski Crystals by Georgie St Clair

Frustrations This Week

Time! I have so many ideas and goals but I struggle to fit everything in around the kids and other commitments. Slowing my brain down whilst trying to finish one job before I move onto another is quite a challenge.

I’ve said yes to too many things over the months and am suffering from overwhelm.  Therefore I’m getting those things out of the way now so I can concentrate solely on my art and business. Expect to see a few changes around here!

And Finally…

Well it feels good to share and record goings on this week. Until next time!

Georgie x

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