5 Instagram Teaching Resources to Help Your Profile Bloom

5 Instagram Teaching Resources to Help Make Your Profile Bloom

5 Instagram Teaching Resources to Help Your Profile Bloom | Georgie St Clair | Botanical Flora; Illustration | BrightonNeed some descent Instagram teaching resources? Today I’m sharing some of my tried and tested courses.

There’s no mistaking that Instagram is BIG business for both brands and individuals. For artists, makers, designers and creatives of all disciplines, it’s imperative you have a strong presence on this visual platform. Making Instagram work for your independent and creative business can really boost your revenue stream and build that all important brand awareness and trust.

I consider myself very lucky. I started on Instagram as way of sharing creative moments. Somewhere along the way I’ve created a business from it. My creative business isn’t my full time business…yet. Believe me though, I’m working towards that goal with certain gusto!

As part of this goal, I’m lapping up as much advice as I possibly can – free and paid for. Even though I’ve had my own fair amount of success on Instagram, I’m always looking to better both my photography and Instagram strategy.

This seems to be true for many people as I discovered at a talk I gave for the Brighton Etsy team a couple of months ago about finding Instagram success.

The good, the bad, the ugly

Let me just say: there’s is also A LOT of advice – some good, some not so good. And some that simply regurgitates the same old advice…yawn.

Luckily, many insta-gurus offer free teaser courses to promote the paid for versions. So if you are looking to improve your Instagram offering, without breaking your bank balance, there’s a lot out there for you.

Today though I’m sharing some of the paid and free resources I have found useful, so far:

5 Instagram Teaching Resources to Help Make Your Profile Bloom

  1. Makelight Photography:
    Makelight photography workshops with Emily Quinton are  still, in my humble opinion, the creme de la creme of paid for photography courses, especially for makers and independent creative business owners. I learnt basic photography skills with Emily and some vital Instagram tips a couple of years back. Makelight really helped me up my Instagram game. They offer a variety of courses and a Facebook group which is always full of advice. Plus Emily offers loads of free advice via her vlog, newsletter, blog etc etc – seriously there’s real value for your buck to be had!
  2. Alex Tooby:
    Instagram Tips w/ Alex Tooby, curator of MenandCoffee (which has 384k followers WTF!) – offers a free Instagram Authority E-course alongside her paid for courses. I have tried the 7 day course which is packed full of tips. You’ll be armed with a great foundation of basics to move your business forward on Instagram. I also really like the tips she gives on her Instagram posts everyday.
  3. Sue B Zimmerman
    The Instagram Expert with Sue B Zimmerman –  wow what a ball of energy Sue is! She has a great blog packed full of Instagram advice and also a free strategy guide. I would also recommend you listen to her interviews. Specifically her interview on the Buffer blog and with PR Consultant, Janet Murray on the podcast episode titled ‘How to Stand Out on Social Media’. Sue B also has some paid for resources such as ebooks and online courses too (I’ve yet to try these).
  4. Sara Tasker
    The InstaRetreat with the darling of social media, Sara Tasker of the blog MeandOrla – following on from her popular free 7 day InstaRetreat E-course, Sara now offers an extended paid for E-course. She gives away many secrets to her success and her beautiful moody photography in her online course, taught via the Teachable platform. I would definitely recommend her course for people who want to offer a more ‘lifestyle’ slant to their Instagram accounts.
  5. Cristina Colli
    Visual Storytelling with Cristina Colli – Have you seen Cristina’s stunning Instagram feed? Anyone who reads my blog will see I’m a big fan of Cristina’s! And for good Reason.  Cristina is a true artist and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help you find your voice visually and creatively and make your profile shine. I recently participated in her Visual Storytelling 1 course which is fantastic for anyone who wants to create a cohesive visual style that aligns with your goals.

I hope that helps those of you starting out or looking to up your Instagram game. Especially if you are a creative business owner. Let me know if there are any Instagram teaching resources or e-courses you have tried recently in the comments below and I’ll be sure to add them to this list.

And Finally

I’m finally getting around to working on my newsletter! If you’d like a monthly dose of creative inspiration along with the occasional gift just to beautify your day, please do sign up below. I’m aiming to send my first newsletter out in February.

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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