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How Minimalism Boosts Creativity [Guest Post]

How Minimalism Boosted My Creativity

In my quest to build a meaningful, stress-reduced existence, I’ve been exploring the ins and outs of living a Minimalist lifestyle. I am, by, no means, a minimalist yet! I’m finding it very hard to let go, especially of the children’s artwork and keepsakes. However, I have filled many bags with ‘stuff’. Bags destined for the charity shop, freecycle and the dump. So I would say I have started my journey. Plus I’m fascinated at how minimalism boosts creativity.

They say the journey is the destination and my quest I have discovered a wonderful lady whose blog, inspiration, gorgeous Instagram feed, free downloads and wisdom on social media is guiding me through my minimalist journey.

So without further ado, May I introduce Jessica Rose Williams and her advice on how we can lead a more minimalist and ultimately creative life.

How Minimalism Boosts Creativity

Enter minimalism and fast forward to now. If you aren’t familiar with minimalism, it’s the simple idea that we only surround ourselves with things that truly add value to our lives. Sounds great, right? It is. You can take a look at my home tour here to get an idea of what that looks like in real life for me, but to summarise; I used to use my time to please other people, doing things I didn’t really want to do, buying things I didn’t need because I thought I should have them or thought they would make me happy until I wised up and got rid of the lot.

If you aren’t familiar with minimalism, it’s the simple idea that we only surround ourselves with things that truly add value to our lives.

Getting rid of everything and anything that didn’t add any value to my life left a massive gap. It was the strangest thing having all this extra time on my hands and extra thought space in my head. I’ve filled that gap with more of what I love after redefining my values, and now I have the time and clarity of mind to be more creative than ever. I finally started the blog I’d wanted to start for years and I got serious about photography. I get up at 6am every day (weekends included) and the first thing I do in the mornings now is create. I would never go back.

Minimalist Inspiration on Instagram with Jessica Rose Williams

Instagram @jessicarosewilliams

Surrounding ourselves with too much stuff can really damage our creativity.

I don’t have photos, nick knacks or even any stationary on my desk. It’s bare, which is unheard of for most twenty-something women, but it works for me. The result is that I am less distracted and procrastination is much harder, although I still have that temptation to scroll Instagram to contend with – but don’t we all?

So, if you are struggling with your creativity perhaps consider removing all the stuff that is fuelling that. Think about how much more you could do without all those distractions. Think about the commitments you don’t want to keep, the furniture you don’t want to clean, the mountains of laundry you don’t want to do, the photos that encourage you to daydream. Think about what you really need to do your work. For me, my laptop and my camera are all I need to blog so that’s all I have on my desk.

I’m not the only one to have experienced this shift. This approach has helped so many people achieve amazing things. The other day I read about a lady who got rid of her TV and now she’s run a marathon and got a PHD!

So, my top tip on how to boost your creativity is actually really simple – have less. Surround yourself with less and trust me, your creativity will flourish. Give it a try. Clear your workspace (phone included) and see how much more productive you are.

And Finally…

Thank you Jessica for helping us learn how minimalism boosts creativity. I’m not sure I’ll be running a marathon anytime soon but I do enjoy the sense of calm I feel when there’s is less ‘stuff’ about. This, in turn, clears my head for creativity. My creative work has very much taken on a more minimalist feel in recent years. I love white space. And when creating, I find the process of taking away, as important the elements I add, when creating compositions and artwork

If you’re looking for more information head over to Jessica’s blog. You can download her ‘7 Day Mindset Cleanse’ to help you on your minimalist journey too.

For some more creative inspiration, I’ve shared some of my favourite creative workspaces…minimalist and not so minimalist! But if you’re feeling the creative fear then read my 6 tips for dealing with self-doubt.

Have an inspired day
Georgie x

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  1. Lovely post Georgie and Jessica, am looking at my TV now thinking ‘could I…’. Not sure my boyfriend would be best pleased with that! We did get rid of mountains of stuff a while ago though when moving into a smaller place & loved it so much we’ve cleared even more stuff for the recent move we did. I definitely notice my mind feeling clearer and calmer when there’s less stuff around.

    1. Post

      That’s great to hear. Yes, my hubby and kids would disown me if I got rid of the TV!

      I’ve found the more I get rid of though, there’s a kind of snowball effect. I just want to get rid of more and more. Definitely clears the mind too. Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂

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