I’m in Love With: The Art of Calligraphy


Ever since I can remember I’ve loved words and type. The concept that 26 letters can be reordered to create beautiful prose and poetry, still baffles me. Words can divide or unite people, nations even. The design of those words is no less important.

Every designer knows that the use of typography can psychologically make or break a design. Many an hour can be spent searching for a font that is ‘just right’. A font’s design can communicate a hidden message, identity or meaning merely due to its tracking and kerning. Serif or sans serif. And it can all be tracked back to the art calligraphy. The beautiful formation of letters.

The word Calligraphy comes from the Greek meanings: Kallos = ‘beauty’ and Graphe = ‘writing’.  Calligraphy is usually practised with a brush or nib. Even in today’s digital world it’s both refreshing and wonderful to see so many artists who are still practising the art of calligraphy.

Calligraphy with MOO

Above is a really nice infographic (courtesy of Moo.com) that explains how you might get started with the art of Caliigraphy. My efforts will be posted soon!

The image and their sources in the featured image for this post can be found in my ‘Typography Joy‘ Pinterest board. There are many to be found on Pinterest. Behance is also a wonderful source for people who are practising the art of calligraphy.

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