It’s Friday, I’m in Love: With a Man Who Stuffs Insects. Fantastic Mr Finch.


Welcome to Mr Finch’s fairytale world. It’s Friday and I’m in Love with fantastic Mr Finch, a male, self taught textile artist. Who’d have thought eh?!


Just love his slightly surreal, maybe disturbing, textile creatures. Mr Finch says:

Making things has always been incredibly important to me and is often an amazing release to get it out of my system.
It’s a joy to hunt for things for my work…the lost, found and forgotten all have places in what I make.
Most of my pieces use recycled materials, not only as an ethical statement, but I believe they add more authenticity and charm.
A story sewn in, woven in.
Velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures to have.
Storytelling creatures for people who are also a little lost, found and forgotten…

I sourced the images for this post from the Mr Finch’s Pinterest board. He also has many other social media presence so do check out his website and explore the wonderful world of the fantastic fairytale world of Mr Finch.


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