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It’s Friday, I’m in Love with 5FTINF…

5INTFT aka Philippa Stanton It’s always such a pleasure to write about an artist based in Brighton. I’m so lucky to live in a city surrounded by so many creatives, none more so than Philippa Stanton aka 5FTINF. I’ve been a massive fan of her work, since discovering Philippa on Instagram.

I remember I was immediately struck by the 5FTINF still life table arrangements. At first glimpse, they show a simple, everyday beauty. Cut flowers, cups of tea, carefully arranged ceramics. There’s a stillness and calm atmosphere in these arrangements. However, the 5INTFT images seem to reach me deep down, a gut feeling so to speak. That goes further than their simple surface aesthetics. They make me want to be a better image maker.

Taste of Green Olives - http://www.5ftinf.blogspot.co.uk/

I suppose I wasn’t surprised, as I researched this wonderful artist, that Philippa has a condition called Synesthisia. According to her About page on her website:

Being Synesthetic means that Philippa can see sound, taste and smell in shape, colour and texture, allowing her to create unique portraits of people’s voices, food and drink.

Synaesthesia is a merging of the senses and arrays of textured, colourful shapes accompany every taste, smell and tactile feeling experienced.

laphroig taste painting

What I find even more fascinating is that Philippa believes we are all born synesthetic, yet we loose the ability as we grow up. Wow if that’s true, I wish could regain/retrain myself in this ability?!

5FTINF Philippa Stanton

Philippa has a wonderful blog http://www.5ftinf.blogspot.co.uk/ that really gives you an insight into what’s going on ‘behind’ the compositions. I’ve found the stories relating to Philippa’s Granny particularly touching. As an artist blog, it is a very a lovely place to visit. Plus as a new convert to the art of gardening and lover of flowers, it’s super inspiring!

Brighton is lucky to have Philippa Stanton! Do visit her blog, website and Instagram feed. It’s well worth it. I’m now saving up for something from her Etsy shop too 🙂


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  1. Thanks so much for highlighting this artist’s work. It’s incredible, and somehow very other-worldly to my eyes.

    You ARE lucky to be living in a place so rich in creative folks 🙂 But they’re also lucky to have you Georgie!

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