Friday Love: Modern Design Inspiration Moodboard from Alphonse Mucha & Art Nouveau

It’s Friday, I’m in Love: With Alphonse Mucha’s Art

Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau Artist Image Collage Georgie St Clair

Happy Friday once again. I had a great start to the week. I won a competition with Wallpaper Direct, which means I can choose some gorgeous wallpaper from their collection for my living room – yippee! I want something classic yet with a modern twist. So I set to work on finding inspiration. This is when I was reminded of how much I love Art Nouveau, especially Alphonse Mucha’s art.

Friday Love: Modern Design Inspiration Moodboard from Alphonse Mucha & Art Nouveau

I love the flowing femininity found in his work. The opulent and the elegant. I feel I want to flow into the picture and lavish myself among the leaves, flowers and organic formations, so characteristic of the Art Nouveau movement. Ahhhh I sigh in wonderful of the magnificence and swirls.

So this week, it’s Friday & I’m in love with Alphonse Mucha’s art. I’m going to his work as the starting point for redorating my living room. However, as always I’m trying to think beyond merely copying but instead bring a modern twist to this art nouveau inspiration.

Looking at the images by Alphonse Mucha, for my moodboard, firstly, I’ve taken the organic forms for inspiration for the wallpaper. Much of Aphonse Mucha’s art uses circular forms in the backgrounds. I’ve included a circular mirror in my moodboard from Dunelm Mill as it has the leaves, again echoing the organic forms found in the art nouveasu style. Finally I discovered the beautiful imagery from Illustrator Laura Laine.  I must have some prints for my walls. Again the flowing hair is so classic of Mucha’s work.

Colour wise I’m going to have some subtle touches of gold! Yes Gold – I need some opulance in my life. However I have dark wood floors and I need to brighten the room slightly. So I’m going for the shabby chic french interior design colours of powder pink and blue – keeping them very subtle.

I’m going to adorn this room with fresh cut flowers whilst I lie around in my robe reading poetry. Well OK, maybe that’s not going to happen but I’m very excited about this new house project. I will of course up date you on my progress.

If you had a room, which artist would you choose to inspire the decoration? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Alphonse Mucha art Images courtesy of the V&A collection online.
Other images – Floral Garland Headpiece – Love My Dress.
Dragonfly Illustrations by Pangea-Derlatek


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