It’s Friday, I’m in Love with: Maria Rivans Collage Artist

maria-rivans-medusa-old-schoolMaria-rivans-bella This Friday I’m celebrating another Brighton artist, Maria Rivans. Maria is a collage artist, living and working in Brighton.

maria-rivans-lady-valentinaBest known for her intricate, humerous and eye-popping surreal landscapes, portraits and 3D collages, her inspirations are many.Philisophical teachings, cultural references such as vintage Hollywood films, Hitchcock and the sci-fi films she watched as a child.

maria_rivans-birdyAs someone who loves illustrating ladies with big hair, it’s her pin-up series I’m particularly in love with. Especially as her imagery is cut and collaged from vintage material she finds in charity shops, boot fairs, second hand shops et al. Oh and she has flamingoes in some of her work, and I love flamingos right now!

maria-rivans-chichirikaIn her pin-up series she uses images of idols from found 1930’s & 1940’s Hollywood albums (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched ‘Singing in the Rain’). A period in time that I adore. I’m so intrigued at the portraits modern appeal yet their ability to maintain a very vintage feel. I simply adore their ‘busy-ness’; they are so dynamic, I could stare at them for hours.

maria-rivans-miss-charlotte-valeAnyway enough of what I think, this is what Maria Rivan’s says about this series:

I intentionally set out to retain that all-important vintage feel. Influenced by the extraordinary colours of Hitchcock films shown in Technicolor and sci-fi TV shows such as Land of the Giants and Planet of the Apes, these heroes from the past have been altered by combining and blending other found imagery scavenged from different eras, thus inviting the viewer into my strange and peculiar world. The cut elements from these past worlds now collide, transforming the reality around us whilst questioning identity, our reasons and needs for the pin–up as well as commenting on our world of constant change and mystery.

maria-rivans-medusa-old-schoolDo check out Maria Rivans collage artist and wonderfully original image maker. Especially if, like me, you enjoy the slightly bazarre, quirky side of life. x

As well as the information on her website, Art Republic have a really interesting interview with Maria Rivans.



Image Source: Artweb

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