It’s Friday, I’m in Love: Paolo Roversi

Whilst researching this weeks Friday Love inspiration post, I was simply overwhelmed by inspiring photos I could use. The photography of Paolo Roversi has been a massive influence and inspiration to me since my A-Level Art History days. The moody, ethereal photos nourish my soul.

Paolo Roversi Photography Moodboard | It's Friday I'm in Love | Painting Grace Blog

I just can’t do justice to Paolo Roversi’s powerful imagery. Instead, today, I’ve created a moodboard of Paolo Roversi’s work, slightly difference in structure to my other inspiration moodboards. Instead I wanted to create a ‘feeling’. If there’s one element I want to achieve with my own artwork, it would be the quality, that’something’ that I just can’t put into words, of Roversi’s photography portraits. If it takes me a lifetime to achieve, I don’t care. I’ll keep on trying.

I was browsing a magazine this week and came upon a photo of his work. I was reminded that, my job as an artist, is to express those qualities of a person which remain unseen. This is what Roversi’s work achieves. It’s haunting. Plus I love the theatrical nature of his work. I’m really drawn to slightly bizarre, other worldy imagery.

I leave you with my moodboard and encourage you to look up Paolo Roversi’s photography if you haven’t. Or, revisit his work if you are familiar with his imagery.
Get lost in his portraits and take a trip into another world. One that opens up the subjects subconscious – even just for a moment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Georgie x

Image sourced from the Paolo Roversi website.

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