I’m in Love with: Resa Blatman Paintings, Beauty & Beasties

beautyandbeastiesIf there’s one artist I could sing the praises of for hours and hours, it’s Resa Blatman and her lasercut paintings. She’s got all the right ingredients for me: lasercut canvasses, oil paint and glitter. Even her works on paper are a mixed media joy to behold.


You can get lost in her exuberant paintings of flora and fauna such as ‘Flux’ pictured above. Latterly her paintings have become more architectural in nature such as ‘Glitter’ featured below.
resa_blatman_glisten_lasercut_paintingsBlatman explains in her artist statement

Lush representations of nature were the central focus of my paintings for some time. Now my interest lies in current environmental issues, their effect on our landscape and natural resources, and how we perceive the changes in the environment. To reflect this concept more directly, my newest paintings’ subjects and surfaces are less ornate and simplified, and the surfaces are split apart, with laser-cut forms that mimic tree branches.

For me, it’s her process that’s both inspiring and fascinating. She uses the computer to design the panels and then has them professionally laser-cut. Back in the studio, Blatman layer’s the panels on top of one another, sometimes cutting them up and making smaller panels, to create one whole painting. When the surface format is complete, she begins the painting process. Just wow!


I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. I really enjoy the juxtaposition of modern technology in the laser cutting process, and her use of the more traditional technique of oil painting. Blatman uses both processes to amazing effect and the results TRULY make my heart skip a beat.

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