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It’s Friday, I’m in Love: I’m All About that Sass!

I’m All About that Sass!

Ever wondered what keeps an artist inspired? For me, aside from flowers, fashion and watching the film Frida for the 100th time, there are a few brands out there who really ‘do it’ for me. Sass & Belle are one of them. I’ll often pop into their Brighton store for a shot of inspiration. I particularly enjoy the illustrative approach to their designs and mix of patterns. Their products are so eclectic and colourful when you walk into one of their stores, it makes my mouth water.

What's in my artist bag? Sass and Belle Fox Shopping Tote with Inspirational Tote |Painting Grace

Named after the company founders two daughters, Saskia and Almabelle , Sass & Belle is an innovative home and giftware brand offering a wide range of irresistible design-led products. Their aim is to make people smile and their motto is:

‘The Little Things That Make Life Beautiful.’

Their distinctly British quirky cool, feminine designs, created in London, produced worldwide, certainly make me smile.

I’m particularly in love with their products adorned with inspirational quotes especially as we are into a new year and I have my new years resolutions to keep.

Stay Inspired

So today’s Friday Love goes to Sass & Belle and how some of their sassy wares keep one artist inspired.

Sass and Belle Do All things with Love. Inspirational Cushion | Painting Grace

This cushion props me up as I’m lounging in my studio, listing my many ideas for images and blog posts, or moaning in my diary about lack of time and never ending family errands to run. Those lists are literally never-ending.

This Love Cushion could be yours…read on to find out more!

Sass and Belle Beautiful Frame and Inspirational Quote Mugs | Painting Grace

Their words of wisdom mugs are my favourites right now. As a tea and coffee addict, these mugs follow me around the house and to the studio.

Sass and Belle Rose Garland with Mug and Paints | Painting Grace

A Rose garland to keep things pretty when my artist budget has been depleted and fresh flowers are out of the question.

Sass and Belle Tote Bag to Carry my art materials | Painting Grace

 Let’s find a beautiful place to get lost…

The gorgeously illustrated Sass & Belle shopping tote, carries my art materials. I adore the quote, it reminds me to take risks and chances sometimes. You never know what you may find…

If you’re near to a Sass & Belle store in London or Brighton, do check them out. Their shops are really lovely. Take a look at their website too

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Finally thank you Sass & Belle for the beautiful products and inspiration!

What’s your favourite creative brand dear reader? I’d love to hear more.


Disclaimer: As I like to be open and honest, I just want you to know that I did receive products for writing this post. However I NEVER write about brands, people or things I’m not passionate about and I was already a huge fan of Sass and Belle.


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  1. Nice post! Love the heading too. 🙂 I will make sure to pop into their stores next time I pass and pick up something nice for my wife! x

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  2. I find inspiration from anything that flutters by me…. be it a feather, a magazine in a waiting room, watching people, things- you never quite know which keeps it all so interesting 🙂

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  3. I think a lot while lying in bed but it’s looking at blogs like this that further spark further thoughts, I love browsing for ideas.

  4. Another fabulous excuse to come visit lovely Brighton! An early spring trip will be a must! Thank you for another gorgeous blog post Georgie, your style and gentle aesthetic gets me every time x

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