Erin finished portrait collage illustration by Georgie St Clair

Artwork: Erin Portrait Collage Illustration

Erin finished portrait collage illustration by Georgie St Clair

This collage illustration’s starting point was a photo of Erin O’Connor. I love her strong, feline face.

The colour palette was based on one I found on the Fresh Hues website, in reds, pinks and pale gold. Eventually I’d loved to add gold leaf to this collage illustration.Original Colour Pallette for the Erin Collage Illustration

Once the pencil sketch is complete, Erin is tidied up in Photoshop and then the fun starts. Watercolour textured hair, birds, flowers etc are added. The damask textured background and angular composition add to her glamourous persona. I’m very pleased with how she has turned out.

Once I’ve finished with her in Photoshop, I’ve printed her on archival quality paper as an A3 Giclee print. I’ve further enhanced her eyes with recycled makeup and added recycled paper flowers, I’ve cut from vintage books I’ve collected.

Detail from Erin O'Connor Portrait Collage Illustration

Erin O'Connor digital collage illustration by Georgie St Clair

Erin O'Connor Pencil Sketch by Georgie St Clair

‘Erin’ portrait collage illustration is now available to buy on Etsy for the very reasonable price of £30 🙂

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