Harry Winston Fashion Quote Illustration by Georgie St Clair Art & Illustration

Fashion Illustration Quote: Harry Winston

Harry Winston Fashion Quote Illustration by Georgie St Clair Art & Illustration

How are you today?

After the craft fair last weekend, I’ve spent this week concentrating on my favourite time of year – Christmas! Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest.  It’s also my daughters 2nd birthday party this Sunday, so there’s bunting to me made, cakes to be baked, balloons to be inflated, presents to be wrapped. Plus the seasonal parties, plays and concerts to attend….

We are dusting off our party dresses and ironing our best shirts in preparation. Thank goodness I can get out of my jeans and into something more glamorous! My little black dress is eager for an outing.

Perhaps that’s why I love the glamour of 1950’s haute couture and I’m drawn to illustrating glamourous ladies. Plus I’m rather partial to a quote, so much so I have created a series of fashion illustration quote artwork. It’s about time I shared them on my blog.

I love this quote by Harry Winston, American Jeweller to the stars. I’m a firm believer in style over fashion. Be that crazy punk style or the more demur style of a simple trouser suit for example. Whatever your style, make it personal and true to you. “People will stare. Make it worth their while”. And feel fabulous whilst you do it!

Fashion Quote Illustration Cards by Georgie St Clair Art & Illustration

I’m selling the fashion quote illustrations as greeting cards and postcards. I’ll be listing them on my Etsy shop soon. Updates to follow.

Have a great day!


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