Look at All The Women Book Cover Design by Georgie St Clair

Look At All The Women Illustrated Book Cover

Cathy Bryant Book Cover Illustration | By Georgie St Clair


After seeing the original Radiant Orchid Lizzy Fashion Illustration, Teika Bellamy from Mothers Milk Books commissioned me to create an illustrated book cover for ‘Look At All The Women’ by Cathy Bryant.

I designed the book cover illustration and layour for this project. I also designed the chapter headings for inclusion in the book.

mothers-chapter-heading-illustration Lovers Chapter Illustration Eclectic Others Chapter Illustration


I am incredibly proud and honored to be part of such a wonderful project. I am also involved in the ‘Look At The Women’ Blogging Carnival. Looking at different aspects of women as Lovers, Mothers & Eclectic Others.



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  1. Thank you so much Georgie for doing such a great job on the book cover and all the other lovely symbols. It’s all absolutely fantastic and it was great working with you 🙂

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