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Shop Vida Voices Featured Artist


A little while ago I posted about a collaboration with Vida, a socially conscious, fashion platform that connects with makers around the world and digitally prints their artwork onto scarves, shirts and t-shirts.

Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only! Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only! Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only! Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!

Well, they have now officially launched their Vida Voices collection and little ‘ole me has been included in the first round of featured artists. *Big smile on my face*. A top name and creative hero of mine, Lisa Congden is also on there, so you can imagine, I was extra chuffed to be included.

My Splashed Rose flower illustration scarf is now in production and some of my other mixed media flower illustrations are to follow.

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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  1. Congratulations! I was wondering how this venture was going for you, and how you connected with this company. Your work is beautiful!

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      Thank you for your lovely comments Marian!
      I’ve decided to deactivate my presence on there and focus my attention on other online shops where I can be more in control and make more margin on my products.
      Best wishes
      Georgie x

      1. Hi Georgie, I am an artist that is considering using VIDA as well but wanted to know what other platforms you have found that could be of better use as well. I was a little concerned about the compensation amount for me as an artist also. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      2. I was contacted the other day by VIDA, and in my research I saw your blog post. I too am concerned about the low compensation and the actual validity of the company. What other on line sites have you used that you like better? Right now I am trying to make a place for myself on PAOM, Society6, Red Bubble, INKtastic, Spreadshirt, and have submitted recently to Bucketfeet. I also have shops at Zazzle, CafePress, and Spoonflower.

        Love your work!

  2. Hi Georgie,

    LOVE the way you use real flowers in your artwork – do you preserve them or is your artwork meant to be fleeting?

    I actually found your blog because Ive been approached by VIDA but dont know much about them. Since you as a fellow artist have already collaborated with them, would you be able to tell me a bit more than what is on the website? I did ask them some Qs but they havent got back to me.

    I wanted to know a few things: [a] do you as the artist have to do all your own marketing for your products to sell them or do VIDA take on that role?
    [b] do they send you any of the apparel with your work on it to keep for your portfolio? Or do you have to buy at market price the pieces you’ve designed? [c] how long do they wait before they pull your design off their shelves?
    [d] have you found working with them a professional and transparent experience? [e] they have collaborated with two big brands in Pakistan – do they sell your designs only under the name of VIDA or have they used your work under the Pakistani labels as well? If the latter, have they sought permission from you beforehand and have you earned anything from those labels?

    Sorry, I know its a lot of Qs, but I hate misunderstandings later on down the line, so I prefer to have all the details to hand before I sign up with someone.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    All the best,

    1. Hi, I was curious if you ever got a reply from this person?
      I was approached yesterday via email about my photography and wanting to collab via them.
      Since I am new to this and am yet to go to university, I’m a bit skeptical.
      10% is plenty enough for me for a few images that might sell on clothing but I can hardly find anything about ShopVida.
      I am curious of the information you gathered and if so, if you worked with them, could you part with some information about how it went?

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        Hi Megan.
        It was great to start with. Whilst I actively promoted my site, I got a few sales to friends and family but the margin isn’t great and I would rather put my efforts into other online shops which are more established and where I can make more profit. I’ve now decided to deactivate my presence on there as I feel it is very saturated with artists and feel rather ‘lost’! Good luck if you decide to go ahead though. Best wishes, Georgie x

      2. I have been active on Vida since they started. There is very minimal change to make any margin on the products if no marketing has been made from the artists side. I have master in textile art and also in pattern making and sewing, so I can assure that the quality at least in their first products was not good. The print quality yes, but the quality of the material in their shirts for example… So selling bad quality products for family and friend in my opinion does not make sense…

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      My work is very fleeting! I literally photograph and then the petals are thrown into the garden!
      I’ve decided to deactivate my presence on ShopVida as I’m putting my efforts into my other online shops where I can make more margin on my products. Good luck if you decide to go ahead though. Best wishes, Georgie x

  3. Hello there Georgie! I’m new with vida. Have some questions for you. It’s seem like I have to market my sells for social media. …by sending emails to expose what my art …on scarf … But what I was thinking like vida do that when they write me & introduce to work with them. What’s your suggestion on this? Thank you! Have a great day
    Bach Hong Tran

  4. Thanks for all the advice On this page.
    I also have been ask by Vida to set up a profile page using my art which looks really cool but they don’t send out samples.
    So don’t know what the finished product would be. I have been offered Ā£25 Voucher code for friends and family. But unsure if I should go for it ?
    Thanks again Beartheartist

  5. Hello Georgie and others. I received the same letter from Erica at VIDA requesting I design with them. I was extremely excited and have my page set up for a couple of months with many designs submitted. Friends and I have made orders to help my “Status”. I made 11 sales which got me past the “SLATE” Status and 44% of the way to my “STEEL” Status.

    Our orders have been placed since July 31, 2016, The orders already take 4-6 weeks to be delivered ..which is requires a very patient customer …but for what I believe to be the right reasons.

    On Aug. 29 one of my friends who made 5 purchases, received an email from VIDA saying that (1) out of (5) items was JUST going into print and following up with saying that it would be 4-6 weeks at THAT POINT for delivery. We emailed VIDA and were apologized to saying they were using a new manufacturer?? But that the items would be worth waiting for. On top of this they offered us both a $40 gift to use on a buy now receive now “in stock” order. This would mean buying someone else’s design, but this way we could experience “on time” delivery, plus be able to show my customers the quality of the garments. Awesome!

    These were NOT ONLY LATE… but it has been over 2 weeks and after emailing them they said the items we chose were sold out and in print and they would receive them in a few weeks and then ship them out to us. :/ An email in regard to this would have been appreciated.

    Not Only This…but my status now shows that I have ONLY 5 sales instead of the 11 that we paid for? I emailed them a letter in depth over 24 hrs ago with no reply yet. So many things are going wrong that I’m really nervous now,

    (1) Has anyone else designed for SHOPVIDA.COM and actually ordered and received your items?
    (2) What was your experience? Was it anything like mine?
    (3) What was the quality of the garments?

    I’m afraid to show my VIDA page to more friends and customers IF they will have to go thru the same issues…

    ANY Feedback would be Greatly Appreciated!
    Thanks! Rho

    1. Im collaborating designing my artwork with Shopvida, and yes its true about the waiting situation, what I have learn about this is that I upload my artwork and order with my 40% discount receive it and wear in daily bases where people love the colors and the texture of the scarfs I have not to sell it to much they have been buying right there taking the ones im using and payments are in my hand in cash I sell for the price is in the page and adding the shipping also. So far have been good I get money back selling a few and have more to get my profit.

  6. Hello, I recently signed up with Vida after another artist I knew signed up. I had been researching having my own fabrics printed but here in Australia it’s very expensive. Vida seemed too good to be true and as there was no monetary outlay. I suppose I was suduced by the friendly introductory email. Now those friendly emails have become almost daily!!
    I started with only five items on my page, just to see how it works. I ordered a myself a scarf which took several weeks to arrive. The quality of the fabric is ok, but perhaps not as nice as I thought but the printing quality is good.
    All things considered I haven’t out laid a fortune, but the copyright worries me a little. I don’t think I will be pushing it on my Facebook page again after reading some of the comments I have read. Life lesson I suppose!
    Cheers Hellen

    One Order came in with six items and THEY …ARE…GORGEOUS!
    It seems the company is doing a lot of revamping on manufacturing and shipping so hopefully soon things will be delivered on schedule.
    The Qualty and Printing, Fabric (Modal) and Sewing are SUPERB!!

      1. I am considering to join but concerned if it is a scam. How long have you been with them and are you satisfied with their service? May I ask once you reached SLATE LEVEL did Vida promoted your designs? Did other people bought through Vida (without you trying to sell)? Would you reccommond Vida to new artists? Thanks.

        1. Post

          Hi Sandra, I don’t use them at all now. I felt it was oversaturated with too many artists on there. I think there are better platforms to try and launch your creative career such as society 6. Best wishes, Georgie

  8. RHO
    I’m pleased to read your update. I just signed with VIDA and I’m a little nervous.
    I don’t want friends and family to order products and learn the quality is bad.

  9. Hi
    It’s been interesting reading your comments and questions.
    I also have some concern. After being invited to sell my work on Vidashop I received a further invitation to become a ‘curated’ artist. The offer was that my work would be photographed on models and promoted actively. The deal is that I should spend $300 on Vida to make this happen. For me thats a lot of money so I’d like to know if anyone else has done this deal and if it worked out for you?

    1. Hi Warren

      My name is Lorraine and I am a Gold Artist on Vida. Please do not believe that your designs are worn by models and photographed !! They have a set of Model photo’s and our designs are digitally cloned on to the models – Your designs are not made up and nor is the model wearing them!! I had 3 of these model shots wearing my designs and after viewing other peoples designs I noticed what Vida had done so I emailed them saying this is not a a good incentive when people could actually do the same thing themselves on PhotoShop and it would cost them nothing!! Vida admitted to cloning designs on models but said the cost was the same has photographing made up designs on Models!!! Yeh right …….Lorraine x

  10. Hello RHO,
    I like you hv all the same q’s.. so you definitely got your items, n i shouldn’t be scared? Worked very hard on my site n just ordered some of my things. ..
    Tell me more .

  11. Hi Georgia
    You say you have de_activated your Vida site. Does that mean it is possible to get back designs you have already uploaded to Vida?

    1. Post
  12. Hello, everyone! I have been a VIDA designer since the end of May, 2016. I am proud to be one of their designers. I have ordered several items from my collection (modal scarves, sheer wraps, men’s cotton pocket squares, sleeveless top) and am extremely impressed with the material, designs, and images.

    A couple of things, so far, however, that I don’t like are: (1) the sizes of the sleeveless top are not true-to-size. I ordered an XL, which is my normal size, and it was tight and (2) the regular size sheer wrap was too big for me, but the petite fits perfect. Normally, petite size clothing is too small for me. So I suggest before ordering any item that you click the “Sizing” tab to see what the measurements are.

    All in all, I am really enjoying my experience with VID. Even though I finally made it to Slate artist and have almost made it to Steel (thanks to my personal orders plus supportive friends), people are just not ordering as I hoped they would.

    Oh, and Sandra Bauser, I checked out your collection, and your designs are gorgeous! I wish all of you the best.

    If you would like to check out my collection, here is the link: http://shopvida.com/collections/maxine-billings

    1. I just signed up yesterday (w/o reading any reviews; good or bad), and decided to take a leap of faith. Because of their licensing rules, I only uploaded 3 designs == 2 paintings sold years ago, and 1 is sitting around doing nothing. I did not upload anything I’d be concerned about “losing.” I’m a little concerned about the resolution of some of my images – and I don’t have photoshop. I messaged VIDA last night asking if my images were acceptable, but have not heard anything yet. That being said, I had a sale last night (first day) from a friend who saw my post on Facebook. I’m wondering if the image is not good enough if they will attempt to print it anyway. I know a lot of POD sites will not print a product if the resolution is not high enough — However, they often don’t let the artist know unless and until a purchase is attempted.
      So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. At a 10% pay rate, I don’t expect to make a killing – But, think of it as an additional avenue to show my art and bring in some change to buy art supplies lol. Good Luck to all!

  13. Hi Georgie
    No , I’m going to leave it as it is at the moment and see what happens.Wanted to know what my options may have been for the future.

  14. Hello Georgia..your prints are beautiful!
    I was recently approached by VIDA via e-mail. I am a bit leery because I had never heard of them and can find very little info on them. They couldn’t even say for sure use where they saw my work.
    My question is, What are your suggestions for a new artist starting out? What are other avenues for e-commerce businesses involving my art work? I am told the y friends and strangers alike how truly talented I am and that I should be selling my work. Of course it makes me smile with pride but I am totally lost on how to get started and what avenues to use. Any help or advice in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    P.S. I do not have a website yet but do have some artwork on my Pinterest and a gallery in Picsart which I have placed in the web address spot.

    1. Post

      Hi Ava
      Thanks for your comment. I definitely think you should start with getting yourself a website and sharing work on social media. I think there’s too many artists on VIDA now. Perhaps you could try Etsy? Good luck with finding a way of selling your work. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Gx

  15. Be very wary with VIDA. There are so many things wrong with their business model that they haven’t fixed, yet they are adding new products, adding jewelry also. Yet shipping takes forever. And you pay upfront for something that may take 3 months to get. Advertising only goes to artists themselves who are bombarded with email after email to buy buy buy. There’s always a different “spin” on the email like “curated” or contest but end result is always asking artist to buy. Very aggressive emailing. They have over 50,000 artists and unless you promote your designs a customer who doesn’t know you may never find your designs. 10% commission is a joke, 90% to them is pure greed. Stay away.

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  16. It is a form of Vanity Publishing – your friends and family (via Facebook) are your main customers – if at all! ShopVIDA have quite successfully monetized the goodwill you naturally share with your friends and family.

    Very few if any seem to have become independently promoted (without the need for Facebook). In fact you’d be hard put to find anybody who has cut free, so to speak, and are pushed to prominence by ShopVIDA themselves.

    Vanity Publishing – beware!!!

    1. I wouldn’t call Vida ‘vanity publishing’ which is a vastly overused term, it is purely a means to an end. Like most things in life you have to make it work for you. I chose to use them because I wanted to explore clothing design without the hassle of finding printers and dealing with production and have been very happy with the results. It is a good way of testing the market without significant outlay and getting personalised clothing that you want to wear.
      Their business model is POD with some designers being featured and promoted by them this is made clear so if you are looking for a pot of gold don’t bother.

      1. True – I also have an Etsy shop, and my website is linked to Etsy for easy checkout purposes. No platform – online or bricks and mortar – is going to sell itself. Artists saturate the market everywhere. If I post something on my Etsy site, I can’t just post and run and expect the masses to come to me. Etsy promotes Etsy – I spend an enormous amount of (designated) time each week promoting and marketing my art through several social media tools. It took me a while, but it has paid off. So, while I would hope VIDA would promote my work, it’s not realistic to expect that they – or any POD site will. I also have art on Fine Art America/Pixels and a couple of other sites. The artist has to do his/her own marketing – period. For the moment, I’ll try and work it the best I can. Trying to stay hopeful and positive šŸ˜‰

  17. Georgie, Your artwork is exquisite! Glad you have found other “better” platforms out there, but where? We’d all appreciate some recommendations. I’m particularly wondering if there’s anything else out there that collaborates with the artists to produce products like Vida does…but with better compensation and control for the artists.

    1. Post

      Hi Donna
      Thanks for your lovely comments! I haven’t found another platform yet but I am considering Society 6 and Red Bubble. I’ll be sure to write a blog post on my findings! Gx

  18. Hi , If you look outside this website of Vida you will know that the styles and Models are really old and will not achieve anything I came here and think that there are Professionals here I shocked ! Nothing here is worth to be respect …. My colors and designs are very modern I felt that I came from another Planet …
    Finally, to VIDA you should change your designs to let people accept you specially the Middle East and Gulf Area and Europian Countries ………….. that is an Advice from me …..

  19. I’m very interested in what to do now. I’ve been designing for ShopVida since Nov. 2016. I’ve had a few issues with product quality and my sales are at 78% on their dashboard. This opportunity has at leats given me a good idea of what my work can look like of fashion and inspires me to work harder and move forward. Are there other similar sites which offer a higher margin or can you suggest what I should do next? I’m also concerned about using images I have already on Vida. Do I need to deactivate everything before searching for a new venue legally? https://shopvida.com/collections/bee-giroux

  20. I closed my account in 2015 and emailed VIDA telling them they didn’t have my permission anymore to sell my work. After that everything was removed. However, today, randomly googling my name to see what came up, I see that they are indeed selling my designs WITHOUT my permission even though I had emailed them 2 years ago to terminate the account and had deleted my files from the site. I did the online chat with one of their reps who had the audacity to lie to me and deny that they still are selling my work, as I sat there staring at the site! I’ve uploaded screenshots of everything to my FB account. Don’t put your work on their site. It’s a dishonest company that steals from artists!

  21. I’m also on Vida after being solicited last year and its completely stagnant. I recently revisited it and see that the would like us to spend $$$ on marketing our products, which for 10% commission seems silly.
    I’m not wasting much of my time here, but I’ll keep the page …just in case!

  22. I think this is a pure SCAM. Their dashboard is a joke. For a while it showed sales of upwards a 1000 items, however, when I contacted Vida, they said it’s due to a software update, then they dropped it down to about 100, now, the dashboard is “Down due to maintenance until October 6”. No one will return my calls as they stated in their boiler plate responses. Terrible experience so far unless somehow they turn this around.

    1. I had the same experience as Shah and something about the dashboard going down for maintenance because it was inflating sales doesn’t sit right with me. Of course once it was fixed the numbers were WAY lower for sales. I’m going to give it another month or so, but meanwhile I’m going to pursue other sites that are more appreciative and fair to their artists. Incidentally, I ordered a few pieces for myself and I find their lead time ridiculous (4 to 8 weeks) really??!!

  23. Hello all! Overall, my experience with VIDA has been positive. I have found that the best way to get the best margins is to order items at wholesale prices, build an inventory of a variety of pieces (I mostly concentrate on my jewelry line and scarves), and promote/sell face-to-face in your community. When discounts are 35 – 40 percent off, in conjunction with the commission you get from your own purchases, you can achieve up to a 45 – 50 percent profit margin – making 20 dollars profit on a 40 dollar product. Even better when they offer free shipping which saves 10 dollars. I have customers who call to see what I have on hand for special occasions and I can deliver same day with in hand inventory. Once I understand my most popular products, I stock up on those items. The discounts are usually during holidays and seasonal changes. Ordering samples and fine-tuning images, if necessary, is where you may find the most frustration. But again, order samples when they offer discounts to reduce cost. As with any start-up, the process will take time and adjustments. This is the best way to get the most from your experience with the company. My designs were featured on HSN in July 2017 and it was great for promotion. They offer these opportunities periodically based on themes. To see an example of an HSN showing, visit my Facebook page @artjacobsVIDA. My collections page is:
    http://www.shopvida.com/collections/art-jacobs. Hope this helps! Blessings.

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