The Inspiration Behind My Latest Fashion Portrait Illustrations

inspiration-moodboard-for-latest-fashion-inspired-illustrationsHello again, I hope you’re having a good week. I thought today I might share some of the inspiration behind my latest fashion portrait illustrations – now available in my Etsy shop ūüėČ

I received a commission a while ago, which was wedding inspired. As I flicked through magazines and websites, I found my visual home! Even if you’re not getting married, look to the wedding industry to be inspired for styling ideas or colour palettes. Beautiful textures, feminine lines, sparkling headpieces, silk gowns, lace veils. And flowers So many gorgeous flowers. Ahh heaven!

I’ve also found real enjoyment lately, photographing flowers, chasing soft light around my house. This washed out light and the soft hues¬†of a simple rose have definitely set the tone of my most recent¬†imagery. Blush pinks, lots of white space. These¬†latest artworks¬†are definitely the most minimal illustrations I’ve done for a while. It’s a style I’m enjoying too.

Illustration Inspiration Moodboard

I’ve created a moodboard above to show you some of the inspirational imagery behind my illustrations.

  1. Claire Pettibone dresses. They are so feminine, floral and just fantastic. Some of the poses used to capture a model in a dress are great for drawing.
  2. Interior design that’s minimal yet with a strong point of interest. Something I hope to achieve with my illustrations.
  3. Nynne Rosenvinge is an incredible artist and very popular at the moment for good reason. Muted, harmonius colour palettes, watercolour bleeds and washes, simple shapes and lines. Just gorgeous.
  4. This models face is the sort I adore. Very strong features, big eyes, luscious lips! Perfect for drawing. She has a strength to her face without loosing her femininity. (image found on Pinterest)
  5. Found on Besotted Blog, ‘Lettering Love’ image is perfect in it’s soft tones, and pink watercolour wash again.
  6. Vintagepiken is a BEAUTIFUL blog. She captures that light that I was talking about earlier Рsomething I dream of being able to achieve. I could look at  her imagery and styling all day.

And here¬†are my fashion portrait illustrations! ‘Jewel’ & ‘Charlotte’.

Jewel fashion portrait illustration in a black frame | by GStC Art & Illustration | Brighton Charlotte fashion portrait illustration in a black frame | by GStC Art & Illustration | Brighton

My Creative Journey Continues

Returning to drawing and illustration, is an ever changing journey. I’ve noticed how my style has developed in a very short space of time. And got better I hasten to add! I cringe at the drawings I was doing only a few months ago. My illustration portfolio is slowly growing. Ideas are rapidly filling my head, so much, I can’t keep up and am having a few sleepless nights.

Mostly my love of drawing faces, something I have done since I was a child, never seems to wane. I’m trying new things yes, but it’s faces that really inspire me. I have plans to expand my repertoire over the coming months, to quieten a critic (yes I have had some ‘constructive critism’ that probably affected me more than it should) and challenge myself creatively.

I’m also working on some more fun stuff too, just so I don’t get too artsy¬†and serious!

It’s almost the weekend. We’re hoping to get out with the kids in Brighton¬†on Sunday. I need a change of scenery that’s for sure. To keep my creative juices flowing and spend some quality time with the kiddos.

It’s funny, I caught my daughter squeezing tomato juice all over a piece of my mount board the other day. She clearly thinks it’s normal to ‘paint’ with fruit and vegetable juice, because Mummy does it! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I have a habit of using whatever is to hand to create an interesting backdrop!

Anyway what are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it’s a good one.




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