Soft purple toned moodboard by Georgie St Clair |Painting Grace

Moodboard: Pastel Purples plus February Updates

Soft purple toned moodboard by Georgie St Clair |Painting Grace

Hello how are you? How’s you’re February looking so far?

I thought I share a more news-y post today.

My eldest son is turning 13 next week – a teenager, oh my! I’ll have a 13 year old and a 2 year old under the same roof, so emotions are running high right now. Remember when Kevin became a teenager?!

I’m also working on a digital marketing project at the moment – something completely unrelated to my art. (My boys call this freelance contract my ‘proper job’!! – That’s a post for another day I think…)
Trying to fit everything and get enough sleep is quite a challenge. In fact I’m struggling with a bit of Insomnia. I’m feeling so fired up that my brain keeps whirring, at night. It’s really quite noisy in there.

Perhaps that’s why my recent moodboard palettes are so muted (as you can see above) – I’m craving some quiet in my life.

My Latest Obsession
I’ve become rather obsessed by photography still life styling lately. I’ve been concentrating on (ahem *obsessing over*) creating a descent Instagram feed and realised creating compositions for photography is an art and not as easy as it looks.

Some of the best example of still life photography can be found in food styling photographs. I’ve created a new Pinterest Board ‘Food Glorious Food‘ where I’ll be sharing some of my incredible finds, so do join me over there. If you have any stylists or blogs you think I should be following, please let me know.

And Finally…

I was so happy that Jessica, the brains behind the colour love website, Design Seeds, used a couple of my images to create moodboards from last week.  I’m a massive fan so thank you Jessica.

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Until next time, I wish you a wondeful day, whatever you’re doing

Georgie x

Image sources (clockwise from top left): Pamela Hanson Photography | Christophe Piallat | 79 IdeasYoshino, Nara, Japan | Feather Closeup – MiakiDoswell & McLean For Bloom Magazine

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      Thank you so much Emma – I guess it is very ‘quiet’ in style! I think I’m very inspired by your gorgeous, understated tones in your IG feed and blog. They make me feel calm x

  1. Love this Georgie! The moodboard is glorious and congrats on having some of your photography featured on Design Seeds – I love your IG feed, it definitely has your own individual curated feel. I’m in the same boat here with the obsession on photography styling currently. There’s so much inspiration at the moment. Emily Quinton who’s IG account is a true treat for the eyes is running some wonderful styling courses in London – one specially for Makers. Check her out if you haven’t already! Did you see Emma from A Quiet Style just did a great little blog about her recent attendance at one – looks great – I’m signed up for the Makers workshop and am super excited to learn more. I also have a huge crush on Oana Befort and how she shoots her work. Your Food Glorious Food board is gorgeous – think the figs one is my favourite 🙂 Emma x x x

    1. Post

      Thanks so much Emma for your comments about my IG feed – it makes all the obsessing worth it!
      Which Makelight date have you booked onto? I can’t do May but am thinking about the June one…
      I did attend one of Emily’s courses – Makelight 1 – last year, with Emma funnily enough – it was fabulous and I highly recommend them. It changed the way I photograph and style completely and for the better I hasten to add. x

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