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Part-time Job, Full-time Creative

New Illustrations by Georgie St Clair | Painting GraceHello, how are you today? Has it been a good week? Hasn’t the weather been disappointing. English summers – pah!

Don’t worry, I’m not here to talk about the weather. I’m back here, to update you on the goings on in my world, since taking on a new part-time job.

West Pier Brighton by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

‘Thrown in at the deep end’ would probably be a good description! I’m working on a fantastic new attraction in Brighton, set to open next year. I’m literally working on a building site, on Brighton seafront, so my views are pretty awesome. It’s new, exciting and very very busy.

Today marks the end of my week off, to spend with the hubby and kids. A much needed break. Importantly I returned to my drawing board, paints and palette. You may have noticed me more on Instagram too as a result.

I’m having to get used to grabbing 5 minutes here and there to create my ‘funny little pictures’ – the affectionate term my Mum calls my Instagram compositions. Those tiny little squares have become my creative life savers. Those still moments, just to be creative and make. Honestly who would have thought the platform could bring so much pleasure? It gives me an excuse to make sure I stop whatever I’m doing to simply play with my palette of paint and usually flowers.

I’ve yet to benefit financially from my new job (roll on September) but I have to say, taking the pressure off making a living from my art, has been fantastic. It’s still my dream, that one day my art and illustration will be my main source of income, but accepting that taking the long way round to realise that dream, at this stage in my life, has been refreshing (but still frustrating at times too!).

On my last post “Wearing Too Many Hats, Time to Change” it was really interesting reading the comments here and on social media. So many of us question ‘why’ we do all of this creative work. Our constant need to push ourselves, to ‘get out there’ on our blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. I know I forgot why I started drawing and painting in the first place…because I enjoy the process.

Robin Williams Illustration on the drawing board by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

As serensdipity would have it, I stumbled across this excellent article by Amy Ng (Pikaland) on the Illustration Friday blog “Part-time Job, Full-time Artist: Rethinking the Creative Career”.

It’s a fantastic read for those of you who may be struggling to create a career for yourself as an artist. Or those of us trying to juggle other commitments including jobs and families.

the idea of an artist, sitting behind their desk, deep in the flow of creating work with no other obligations (financial or otherwise) besides their 100% focus on their art, might be a reality that’s not in line with what a lot of artists are facing.

I know that’s true for me and it’s so refreshing to hear someone else validate how I’ve been feeling all of these weeks. This quote also rang true for me:

Some might not need to make money from their art – for some, the love of process is enough.

So there you have it. It’s OK. Your blogs, photography, craft, drawings…creating part-time, around other jobs and commitments, doesn’t make you any less of an artist. Just a realist.

I’m off to build a trampoline!

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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