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Reaching Resolutions for 2015

Reaching for New Years Resolutions 2015 - Painting Grace

Well hello and welcome to a new year! I do hope you had a lovely Christmas and holiday season? I certainly did.

The hubby was at home for 2 weeks, I ate copious amounts of food and chocolate and the children were thoroughly spoilt. Yes it was a perfect family Christmas.

You may notice things are a little different around here. I’ve updated my website design. For those that want it all technical and geeky, there’s a ‘sticky’ navigation bar, a masonry layout  and generally the design is a whole lot simpler. Importantly I’ve decided to go with the new blog name of ‘Painting Grace’. My URL will stay the same for now but also works, as it’s easier to remember. Also note the new masthead…take a look at the top of the page…

Something I doodled during the holiday. Gosh I’d forgotten how much I love Typography.

So why the change of name? Well, I simply wanted a name that reflected more of my ethos and brand. After participating in the the Decor 8 blog boss course last year and taking into consideration the results of my website survey, I knew I needed more focus here and life in general. It’s been a rocky road of self doubt and low confidence to be honest, these past few months. Creating a ‘brand’ and values around it, is keeping me focused on pursuing my dream of making my living from my art and creativity. Especially during those moments of thinking I should go and get a ‘proper’ job.

Reaching Resolutions for 2015

This post also marks my commitment to reaching some personal and professional resolutions for 2015. In black and white. Here goes:

  • Kindness – to myself. I am my own worst critique and regularly beat myself up mentally.
  • Confidence – stop being afraid of the unknown and ‘just f****** do it’.
  • Trust – my own opinion. Stop worry about what others think.

That’s it. Getting fit again, eating more healthily, cutting down on that yummy Prosecco – yadda yadda. That all really goes without saying!

What You Can Expect To Find On Painting Grace

In terms of content not much will change, it will be more focused. After all this is my portfolio site. I’ll be sharing my work and my inspirations – other creative people and brands, artwork, illustrations and the occasional moodboard. I do hope you decide to join me as I share with you my creative journey. I’m sure there are going to be many highs and lows along the way.

Happy New Year – Let’s do this!


PS Apologies to any Bloglovin followers. When I updated the theme your Bloglovin feed may have been inundated with some completely random posts from me. This should be fixed asap!

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  1. Love the new name and look Georgie, it suits you and your brand perfectly. I hope that 2015 brings everything you want, especially with your confidence. You shouldn’t ever doubt yourself, you are such a talented lady xx

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  2. Oooh Georgie! What a lovely surprise to find your new updated site…it’s beautiful!
    Cannot wait to read more…
    Happy January & here’s to a wonderful year ahead, Jess x

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