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The Simple Art of Thank You: 10 Creative Ideas to Express Gratitude

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind. ~Malayan Proverb

The internet is awash with resolutions for the New Year. I’ve even contributed my own resolutions for 2015. However as I nag my boys to write their thank you cards for their endless Christmas gifts, I thought it important to write a post dedicated to the simple art of thank you.

Expressing gratitude is perhaps one of the easiest and simplest acts we can extend to each other as human beings yet is so powerful. I’ve lost count of the Instagram messages of people thanking others for a simple #snailmail package or Facebook messasges expressing gratitude to well wishers for a variety of acts of kindness. From wedding presents to birthday wishes or simply, for wishing someone a better day or to get better soon. Hearing that ‘thanks’ and knowing you have brightened someones day is priceless.

Thank you card with handwritten typography by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.  ~G.B. Stern

The simple art of thank you is, well… just that, simple. A card, a note, a kiss and a hug. Here are 10 creative, simple and modern ideas the hubby and I came up with to say thank you in 2015. My kids have found these more interesting too, so that’s minimal nagging on my part!

  1. Create a personalised video message simple using your phone and email or post it on Facebook.
  2. Snap a photo of you or you kids holding a personalised message of thanks. Print it out or email it.
  3. Phone a radio station with a dedication. You’re not guaranteed to to get airplay, but it’s worth a try. Record it, share it.
  4. Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper. Leave a copy of it lying around to be ‘found’.
  5. Create an adwords campaign! I want to try this one. Create an adwords campaign around some obscure keyword, ask your loved one to do a Google search on said obscure keyword and surprise!
  6. Gift a packet of seeds. This is lovely for the grandmas or garden lovers out there. Every time they tend to the seeds they’ll remember this simple act of thanks, from you.
  7. Write a letter. In this age of email, a handwritten letter means so much. Make it pretty and decorate it with little drawings, use coloured pens, pretty washi tapes. It will be treasured for a long time after.
  8. Make some paper flowers. Again this is something that be kept and displayed.
  9. For something fun, use a service like JibJab to send a message from you and your family. Great for people who live a long way away and guaranteed to make them smile.
  10. Finally….make a phone call. I’m so guilty of not picking up the phone. Preferring text and email. Make it short and sweet if you like but it will mean so much.

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. ~Author Unknown

This year, I’ve created a card, the image you see in this post, with some handlettering I drew over the holiday, to mail out to my loved ones. How will you say Thank You this year? Do you have any creative ideas to express gratitude? I’d love to hear them so do please share.

Finally…Thank you for stopping by and reading this post dear reader. I wish you a happy day!


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  1. These are lovely ideas! I, personally, like to take pictures of what I’ve received, in use, and share it somewhere where the giver will see it. I’ve generally done this on Facebook. I also love receiving photos and even videos of stuff I’ve given to people.

    I tried (and mostly succeeded) to give only handmade stuff for xmas this time around, and I’ve left reviews where I could and thanked others through social media. I think it’s so important to let small time makers and designers know that their creations are appreciated. 🙂

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      That’s excellent, giving only handmade gifts. And absolutely, as a maker, it’s a lovely feeling when you know you’re item has been given as a gift. Thanks for sharing your ideas x

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