Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!

Vida Voices Fashion Design Collaboration & Me!

Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair


After seeing my work online and on InstagramVIDA asked me if I’d like to collaborate with them on some fashion apparel…
My designs, ‘fashion’, ‘collaboration’, ‘shop’, ‘sell’ – all in one email. It was certainly a HIGH FIVE moment.

VIDA’s story is that of the rich, interconnected world we live in — the story of contemporary life and mindful, global citizenship.VIDA

VIDA is a Google Ventures backed fashion ecommerce platform that brings together designers and makers around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way.

VIDA gives its designers the chance to convert their design vision into products like scarves, tops and dresses. For every VIDA product made, the company offers literacy programs for the makers in Karachi, Pakistan. These makers have the opportunity to learn reading, writing and maths, which they may not have had the opportunity to do before. This platform is also an interesting model for manufacturing in a digital age, all made better by being socially conscious.

Anyway after a lovely chat with Connie, a member of the VIDA team, I set about creating my shop.

As a designer it was incredibly easy and their support is great. You literally send them your files and they do the hard work of setting up your page. If you have a question, fire it over to them and you’ll get a response in 24 hours.

Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!

‘Georgie St Clair’ is now in Production

The great news, at the time of writing this post, is one of my designs has already gone into production- the Splashed Rose design. Cue another HIGH FIVE moment.

There’s still time to purchase one of my first four designs. As mentioned, the Splashed Rose scarf is definitely going to be produced. With the other 3 designs, there is 9 days left to pre-order. I have to make a minimum of 5 pre-orders of each design for it to go into production.

Pop over to my Shop Vida page and use the coupon code VOICES to get 25% off (that’s just $30 for each scarf).  As an added incentive VIDA ships internationally, for only $5.  Remember pre-orders are only available for another 9 days.

Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!Vida Voices Store Front for Georgie St Clair. Get a 25% Discount for a limited time only!

I can’t wait to see how it goes and how the designs look when they go into production.

And Finally…

I leave you with a video to whet your appetite for this exciting new platform

Have an inspired day

Georgie x

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  3. Hi Georgie,
    I recently got an email from VIDA, and like you, I was very excited to try it. But now, after submitting some designs, I’m running into problems. I wondered what your experience has been. I can’t tell the date of your blog post, so I don’t know how long you’ve worked with VIDA.
    I’d really like this to work out – I love the idea and I’ve had fun making designs for them (I learned a lot about Photoshop in the process!). BUT – there are problems with uploading hi-res design files, and so far I haven’t seen the actual product. Thankfully I only shared my VIDA site with a few “test” people and I know who has ordered, so I don’t have to make explanations to lots of unknown buyers. Have you had a good experience? Have you seen your finished product? I’d appreciate anything you can share with me.
    Your website and designs are beautiful!
    Julia Watson

    1. I have been offered a chance to work with them myself but I am thinking from a business side of things it seems too good to be true. I was just wondering what your experience was with this group before I join them. I am very wary of them just because I have never heard of them before.

      1. Post

        Hi Bethany
        I think they are a reputable company. You’ll have to market yourself well in order to achieve results, because it’s quite saturated on there now. But then you would have that issue on any marketplace.

        I’ve just decided to concentrate my efforts in more established marketplaces for now. But good luck with your creative journey!
        Warm wishes

  4. Hi! I was just contacted the other day by VIDA because they had come across my artwork online… However I’m a bit sceptic because my artwork is nothing like yours or any other that I have seen on their website, as I focus more towards animated styles and “manga” as may calls it.

    I’m not sure if I can see the good things about this or not, so I’d like to hear more about your experience with them?

    Sorry if my English is bad, its not my first language

  5. To those who are weary…to date, my experience with VIDA has been excellent. I too was initially hesitant, but after several professional and timely encounters, my concerns faded. As one poster noted, it is a saturated system and will become increasingly so as VIDA’s credibility spreads. I can’t speak for others – and I’ve read about some troubling experiences – but I am enjoying the experience. It is vitally important to follow their guidelines for pixels and dpi. I take my pieces to a local print shop to have them scanned. I wish everyone much success !

  6. I am trying to deactivate my account but it does not let me.
    I have tried calling but it disconnects right away
    Something smells rotten

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