Watercolour white rose flower photography by Georgie St Clair

Watercolour Flower Painting that oozes dynamic loveliness

Watercolour Flowers Photography by Georgie St Clair

Last week I shared my painted flowers experiments. I thought I would share some other images of my watercolour flower painting artworks again today. These are a new type of Watercolour Flower Painting which promise dynamic dripping splashing loveliness.

This time I used watercolours to drip, splash and throw onto the real flowers which included one of my favourite flowers – white roses. Throwing paint around like this is such a liberating artistic exercise. Plus I adore the dynamic results.

Watercolour white rose flower photography by Georgie St Clair

Watercolour pink background and flowers. photography by Georgie St Clair

The image above even won Emily Quinton’s Floral Friday Competition #floralfridaycompetition over on Instagram. Naturally I was super chuffed about that!

I took part in Emily’s Makelight Photography Workshop earlier this year. Emily is such a good teacher and a lovely person. Her Makelight workshop gave me the confidence to experiment with styling and composition as well as giving me core photography skills.  Many of these photographic and styling experiments I share on Instagram, which is like my digital artist sketchbook. I highly recommend Emily’s course if you have opportunity to take part.

Pink Watercolour Background with a white flower photography by Georgie St Clair

Close up of watercolour roses with drip and splashes, photography  by Georgie St Clair

Watercolour Roses Painted, Splashed and Dropped Photography by Georgie St Clair

After a few months of experimenting I finally feel I’m finding a ‘voice’ with my photography. I’m currently working on more imagery that brings together my love of illustrating, painting, flowers and photography. I can’t explain what a super feeling this is. When all the hours of pondering, experimenting, failing, succeeding…begin to align together in one image. More to follow later this month.

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts. Even better, do share your artistic experiments with me. Writing, drawing, painting, splodging, spattering…I’d love to see them.



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