Wearing too many hats and the myths of multi-tasking | An honest post by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

Wearing Too Many Hats? Time to Change.

Wearing too many hats and the myths of multi-tasking | An honest post by Georgie St Clair | Painting Grace

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on the compromises of choosing between motherhood and career. I’ve most certainly made them. The results now mean I’m simplifying my life. In the words of Bob Dylan “Times They Are ‘a changin”.

I’m immensely happy to say I have a new job! I start on Monday on a fantastic project in Brighton. I’ll be working on the digital marketing side of things with a focus on their social media – I now have to tweet, facebook, instagram and blog for my living. Oh Yes! It’s part-time and works perfectly with my family life too. Going back to the office, I will have to adhere to a schedule again. Making choices around how I use my time will be even more important.

Too Many Hats

Over the past few months I’ve tried to wear so many hats. Mother (and we know how many roles that encompases), designer, illustrator, artist, blogger, creative entrepreneur. But it’s too much and I’ve put an inordinate amount of pressure on myself. Not to mention the amount of mistakes I’ve made trying to do too many things at once. Reading back through the wonderful comments I have had on my previous post and on social media, I know I’m not alone in this. And it’s too much. Multi-tasking is a myth. What’s more it has left me quite exhausted.

As you may know, I feel the promise of a ‘dream-jobs/making a living from what you love’ camp, is putting too much pressure on us all. Not only I have neglected other parts of my life, I haven’t been enjoying it much either.

The irony is, after writing the post on choices in motherhood, deciding to accept my circumstances and stop trying so damn hard, amazing things have happened! This new job (after freelance life, a regular income will be a breath of fresh air), new opportunities with my artwork, I’m spending more time with the kids and the hubby is starting to look a bit more relaxed these days too.

It’s early days, times are changing, new adventures are beginning, but I feel as if I’m entering into a really good place in my life.

Getting to the Point

Which brings me to the point of this post and this blog. I think I’ve tried be too many things here too. I tried to be a ‘blogger’, an ‘artist’, a ‘diy-er’ a ‘teacher’, ‘art-enthusiast’, yish! Actually I’m not even sure what I was trying to be. Blogging has always been the thing that stresses me out if I’m honest! When I’m writing a post, which I really enjoy doing, I feel like I’m neglecting my ‘             ‘ (fill the blank with art/children/work/hubby/friends/family etc etc).

I suppose I feel as if I ‘should’ blog in order to be successful – whatever that means? If you’re a business or blogging for a living, neither of which I am here on Painting Grace, blogging is an important marketing aspect of your business that needs a defined strategy.

Moving Forward

I am an artist. These posts, where I’ve just written freely – taking my blog back to the original idea of a ‘web-log’ (remember those?), an online diary of my thoughts, keeping a record of my artistic process and so people can see what I’m up to (yes that’s you Mum & Dad) is really enjoyable. Posting schedules, editorial calendars, coming up with constant ideas, isn’t. For me. Not here. I’m going to work to do that.

Painting Grace, is my personal online space and I’m freeing myself from the pressure to post so many times a week or month, on xyz subject blah blah blah. I’ll be here when I want to be here and have something I think is interesting to share. I need to say this because it’s important I take yet another pressure away from myself.

If you like my art or are interested in what this working mother & artist is up to, I hope you’ll check back regularly and share the journey with me. Connecting with like minded people is the best bit of blogging.

Enjoying the Process

Creating and making art fulfils me. If a sell a piece or two – great. If not, and I carry on quietly drawing and painting away in my own time, my drawings sitting gathering dust in a drawer or being ignored among the internet noise, brilliant too! Come on, let’s just enjoy those moments we create/blog/make/sing/knit/sew/write/run etc because…put simply, we relish it. Not because we want to be the next big thing or live ‘our dream life or job’.

Because Sh*t happens. Life isn’t perfect. And we can’t have it all.

Let’s just enjoy the moment for a while.

And Finally…

I’m excited about my new job. I love my children and family. I have wonderful opportunities coming my way as a result of my creative work. All in all that’s quite enough to be getting on with right now.

Have an inspired day!

Georgie x

If you agree, disagree, have something to add I’d really love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. I so agree with you Georgie! I often feel the pressure of not doing enough ” ” ( insert blogging, social media, marketing, and so on)…but it’s all about priorities, and as you say realising that just because you can, potentially, do many things, it doesn’t mean you have too! And feeling good is one of my priority too 🙂
    Best of luck on your new job! xx

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  2. A beautiful piece of writing. I wish you every success in your new job. I love your art, your blogs and your ideas. You have come such a long way but your path, with a few dips here and there, has, nevertheless, always been up and long may it continue.

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  3. Sounds like just the right thing to do. I don’t have kids etc but I often find myself questioning why I want to push the blog and why I can’t just take a photo for the sake of the photo and the fact that I love it. Maybe one day I will sort out in my brain what I want to be doing but for now I think I will just ‘look around and say well isn’t this nice’ (potentially misquoting Kurt Vonnegut).

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      Hey Michelle, lovely to see you here! I think there’s too much pressure on us all to ‘monetise’ our creativity. Since taking a job, I’ve been able to revisit why I do this stuff – and it’s purely for the enjoyment. This simple shift in thinking has definitely taken the pressure off. You’re a real talent, so keep up your beautiful work and enjoy the process as you create it. xxx

  4. Congratulations on your new job Georgie – it sounds really interesting and just perfect for you. I’m so pleased you’re taking the pressure off yourself. I’ve been thinking lots about all the points you raise lately – the regular topic of dinner conversation! I’ve been going round in circles with my blog too – why am I doing it? What is it for? Who is it for? Not sure I have the answers yet, but I certainly agree that we need to be kinder to ourselves and allow time and space to enjoy life! Best of luck with everything xxx

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      Thank you Zoe. It’s all a juggling act isn’t it. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is tough enough, so anything we do in our spare time should be enjoyable! For what it’s worth, I love your blog and photography, so keep it up if you feel inspired to xxx

  5. Lovely post and congrats on your new job (and steady income – that can be a breath of fresh air)! I totally get it–mom of 3/graphic designer/artist etc.–and look forward to checking back here to see what you’re up to. 🙂

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