Whispers of Autumm


I have to admit that the title to this post was actually taken from an Etsy email I received today. ‘Whispers of Autumn’ captures perfectly the feeling of this September day. Firstly I want to say:

Farewell August, you’ve been good to me.


The nights are drawing in earlier and earlier in the UK and there’s a real chill in the air at night. My boys are already marking their mental calendars and counting the days to Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and of course Christmas. Plus I’m feeling the need to don my PJ’s at night and snuggle under a cosy blanket with a good book. Heck, even my diet is changing. I’m craving warm soups instead of crisp salads.

September is like Spring in many ways. It marks a new season and new beginnings. The kids are starting in new school years, taking along with them their new pens, pencils and shiny shoes. Talk of autumn fashion and new colour trends adorn many magazines and my feed of blogs. Cricky I’ve even seen Christmas decorations stocked in some of the shops!

As for my creative business plans, which are now in full swing, I’m thinking about new designs and forthcoming craft fairs. And dare I mention the C word twice in this post? Christmas stock! Any regular readers will also notice I’ve given my website a little makeover too. (Check out my new Portfolio section).


I’ll be updating my Etsy shop this week with my new series of fashion inspired illustrations and I’m busy working on new Illustrations everyday. August was a watershed month for me as I decided to give my creative business my full attention. I’m no longer a blogger. I’m an artist who blogs.

I’m passionate about my creative journey. I’m probably crazy because I could almost certainly make more money from making websites, my previous career choice, but to be honest I really didn’t enjoy it.

So yes, September I’m really pleased to see you. You mark an exciting time in my life. Bring on the dark and chilly nights on. The soups and the snuggly blankets. I’ve got scary but exciting plans on the horizon.

Enjoy your week everybody. I hope the start of September is a good one for you.

PS By the way, the images you see above are from my Instagram account, a platform I’m just totally in love with right now! If you’re creative it makes
the perfect digital sketchbook.


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  1. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you Georgie, I’m glad you have decided to focus on art rather than websites, it would be a waste of your wonderful talent otherwise. I’m at a crossroad myself, wondering which direction to take the blog in, if you have any input I’d be happy to hear it xx

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