A Floral Collage Design Workshop at Brighton Etsy Carft Party 2015 | Painitng Grace by Georgie St Clair

A Very Brighton Etsy Craft Party

A Floral Collage Design Workshop at Brighton Etsy Carft Party 2015 | Painitng Grace by Georgie St Clair

Hello, how’s your week been? It’s been a sunny one in Brighton this week. Weather wise and due to my continued high after the Brighton Etsy Craft Party last Friday. The 2015 theme for this global event was ‘Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape’,

Held at the Brighthelm Centre, the venue became a crafty creative hub for 3 hours. Cutting, sticking, printing, drinking, eating cake. If you weren’t there, you missed a treat.

Brighton is renowned for it’s creativity and the Brighton Etsy team epitomises this, so it was always going to be a great night. The Brighton Etsy team did a stellar job of organising and the event was extremely well attended – thank you to everyone who came.


As you may know, I ran my (first) floral collage design workshop and I absolutely loved it! With the hubby in tow, I guided people in picking petals and designing glamorous dresses and butterflies for a big print idea I’ll be sharing soon. We photographed every single creation and wow, I was inspired! I’ll be sharing those very soon. All I can say is what a brilliantly creative group of attendees you all were.

The workshop seemed to prove popular and the feedback was wonderful. ‘Therapeutic’ was a word that came up a lot. That makes me happy. That’s the essence of creativity for me and I’m glad that people were able to sample a sense of this, simply by playing with petals.

Other workshops included:

  • 3D papercutting with Amandine, who runs Fleur de Carrotte,
  • a Gocco printing demonstration with Ali from Hello DODO,
  • a badge making station with Vicky who runs Woah There Pickle,
  • collage postcards with the three themes of self-portrait, monster, or Brighton.
  • Ransom note poetry (this looked like a lot of fun!),
  • paper animal puppets with Zoe from Ladybird Likes.

There’s loads more photos on Brighton Etsy’s Facebook page if you fancy a peak. I can’t wait to do again – Etsy, there needs to be more events like this every year!

In fact I’m now thinking I would like to run more floral collage design workshops. Please do give me some feedback as to whether you would like to attend something like this. Again I’ll be posting more about this very soon.

In the meantime, I’ll finish with this great picture of Brighton Etsy team leader, Karli, giving me a glass of wine at the end of the night. Says it all really!

Georgie receives a glass of wine! Brighton Etsy Craft Party | Painting Grace by Georgie St Clair

In the meantime, have an inspired day.

Georgie x

Image Credit: Thank you Yellow Bear Wares for sharing your fab photos with me!

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  1. This looks like such fun Georgie!! Congrats on your event …so excited to see/hear more! If only we lived closer! I long to run a creative workshop, playing with petals etc {you’ve given me the push to crack on!} thank you, as always for being so fabulous! x

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun! So pleased to hear it went well. I’m sad I wasn’t able to make it – I’m just no good in the evenings. I’d be interested in future workshops, finances permitting. xx

    1. Post
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